Saturday, March 12, 2022

My Sweet Caregiver

 “How does it feel in there?” Rachel’s body asked her. The body thief smirked and crossed her arms. She was wearing a blue bathing suit.

After signing an agreement to help her elderly patient around the house, Rachel wasn’t expecting the parchment to be magically enchanted. Once she signed the piece of paper, the world began to spin, and a surge of pain shot through her until darkness surrounded her.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself sitting in Karen’s wheelchair at the center of the living room. Rachel had been a care aide for six months at this point, and she wasn’t expecting the elderly woman to be some sort of witch.

“P ... I don’t ... what ... happened?”

“When you signed the paper, you should’ve read the first sentence. ‘Assist Karen White with mobility around her lake side home’ literally means helping me with my mobility. With YOUR body. But I guess you weren’t expecting something like this. I don’t blame you.”

Rachel had no idea what to say. It was like her mind couldn’t keep up with her lips as she stuttered nonsense.

“You’re over 90-years-old, don’t expect your mind to work like it normally does.” The body thief laughed. “I’ll be back. I’ve got a lake to swim in. Let me enjoy myself, and maybe I’ll give your body back.”


Smirking, Karen walked away with her youthful hips swaying. “I’m only joking. There’s no way I’m going back in that old thing.”

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