Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Our Sexy Tenant

When Angel first moved into the Becker family’s two-story home, they were the nicest couple she’d ever met. She was a 19-year-old college student eager to get a good price on rent. Since Chad and Stephanie gave her a below market rate price, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

But Chad and Stephanie didn’t care about making a profit off of her. The middle-aged wife wanted to keep her rich husband happy, and they both knew what they really wanted. To make up for the low rent, Chad and Stephanie both agreed that she should pay them in other ways.

Through the power of an astral projection tiara, Stephanie possessed Angel while she was getting ready for a night out with friends. Rather than have a fun time at the local night club, Stephanie decided to use her body to have another sort of fun.

She’d done it at least a dozen times at this point. Once she took full control over the beautiful blonde’s body, she visited her husband upstairs and stripped down in front of him. He worshipped her borrowed body and made her young body squeal with excitement.

Once their lustful entanglement escalated beyond touching and squeezing, Chad slid into Angel’s possessed body and spent the night making his wife moan with excitement.

It was the furthest they’d gone with another person’s body. What they didn’t know was that sex made the possession spell permanent. But when Stephanie woke up the next morning still trapped in Angel’s body, she didn’t care.

This was a second chance to relive her youth, and her husband was more than happy to let her keep it. 

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