Wednesday, March 23, 2022

I Did This For Us


“We shouldn’t have done this,” Chester said.

Tamara looked at her husband with a disappointed look. She thought that he wanted to have children, but since she was in her fifties, that was basically impossible.

But her best friend, Tianna, had a solution. Through dark magic, the witch placed Tamara’s soul inside of Kelly’s body and created a toggle mechanism. Whenever Tamara wanted to control her daughter, all she’d have to do was chant an incantation with the magical crystal in her hands.

She could be her daughter whenever she wanted. At first, Chester was excited. Like all men, he fell easily for Kelly’s attractive body. The idea of sleeping with his stepdaughter was also a fantasy of his from the very beginning. “I did this for you,” Tamara insisted.

“I know, but what about Kelly? She doesn’t even know. Don’t you think she should have a say in this?”

Tamara pouted and felt the rage burning inside of her. “She won’t know. Whenever I’m inside of her, her memory gets wiped.”

“But what happens when she finds out she’s giving birth to our child?”

Tamara shook her head. “She won’t find out, because I’m not going to go back to my body.”

Chester looked at her with a dumbfounded look, but she simply smirked. “If you tell anybody about this, they’ll think you’re crazy. If you try to find a way to reverse this, I’ll just say you raped me. What would people think if they found out daddy knocked his stepdaughter up?”

Chester looked horrified, but she knew she’d won their argument. This wasn’t something he could escape from. Buttoning up his shirt, he gritted his teeth and accepted his new wife’s decision.

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