Tuesday, March 1, 2022

My First Post and Announcement

Hey everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that me and the rest of my team are finally expanding our social media presence. I've opened up the blog. I'm planning on posting story updates, new releases, and short story captions here. The captions are going to be F2F or M2F body swap, possession, and transformation themed. I've noticed a steady decline in the majority of blogs that I used to follow. There isn't a decrease in quality, but a lot of my favorite caption blogs are making fewer captions per year on average. I'm looking to contribute to the TG/body possession/body swap niche while I work on my writing.

My future upcoming stories will get posted here. I know Amazon has its own follower updates portion, but I'm looking to add some more updates before the publishing date. I'll be able to put out teasers and talk about the upcoming stories through my blog posts and comments! I'm really looking forward to updating this blog over the years as our community grows.


Jimmy Zappa

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