Sunday, March 13, 2022

My Married Coworker

Kara thought it was just a friendly conversation at Joseph’s house as they sipped wine and talked about work. Her coworker was always just a friend. He was married and twice her age, so she never thought that he was interested in her. But when her mouth became dry and the world began to spin, she realized something horrible was beginning to happen.

By the time the world stopped spinning, she could feel a sly smile over her lips. “It’s me,” her voice said softly. She looked down at the rest of her body and felt her waist and breasts. “She’s perfect. These hips are perfect for childbearing.”

Kara wanted to scream - she had no idea what was going on. “She didn’t put up much of a fight, did she?” He said.

Shaking her head, Kara’s hand took Joseph’s wrist. She began guiding him down the hallway to their bedroom. It was almost like her body possessor knew the place well. Just as they stepped into the bedroom, Kara’s body planted a kiss against his lips before looking to the bed where a middle-aged brunette slept. “Should I move my body?” It was Joseph’s wife, Patricia.

“We can keep it on the bed,” he assured her. “We need to act fast if we’re going to seal you in her body forever.”

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