Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Becoming My Granddaughter


Calvin stretched along the bed with his hand between his granddaughter’s legs. The 92-year-old man hadn’t felt so alive in years. After tricking Taylor into drinking the soul suppression potion, the witch’s magic was all he needed to completely take over her body. The horny bliss and the way his new body felt made him even wilder. The wetness and warmth made his fingers explore his glistening slit as he let out a passionate moan. Keji, the young African witch, stood at the other end of the room with her dark skin blending into the darkness. Once Calvin could feel his body beginning to twitch and tremble, the witch walked forward and placed a hand on his quivering tummy.

“You can return to your old body, or you can stay in your granddaughter’s body. Only say the choice and I will make it so.”

When his new crevice began to clench and tighten, he managed to whimper, “Let me stay in her body ... oh god ...  yes. Please ... PLEASE!”

The African witch laughed quietly to herself. She placed a hand against his tummy, and an eruption of desire and euphoria quivered throughout his slim and sexy body. His breathing quickened and the woman’s lips pressed up against his ear. “Let me show you how to really take care of yourself.”

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