Tuesday, October 31, 2023

My tenant's sexy body

Stripping down to nothing, Tabitha had never felt so excited when she picked up her future body. Arianna had deflated to a flat piece of rubber, and when she stared into the empty eyeholes, Tabitha's heart began to race. The deflation process only took a few seconds, but she remembered the way Arianna had called out to Tabitha for help with something. The young woman had started to shrink, and she wasn’t sure why.

By the time Tabitha reached her, she’d already become a pile of rubbery skin. Just before the eyeholes vanished, Tabitha had smiled at her. "This is actually going to happen," she whispered to her. “I’m about to become you. You’re about to be replaced.” She stroked her hair while the eye holes became dark and empty. “This perfect body…” The transgender woman had placed a skinsuit transformation pill inside of her tenant's protein shake when she wasn't looking. Tabitha had been Arianna's landlord for nearly five years, and for every painful day, she watched as the young woman wasted her youth and beauty on drugs and men. Sure, she worked out to stay in shape, but she never did anything with her blessed life.

In contrast, Tabitha slaved away for years at her research and development company. She was underpaid and made fun of at work. As a transgender woman, discrimination and hate were all over the place, and HR never protected her. But, when she noticed a prototype medication that could transform criminals into skinsuits, she realized that there were endless possibilities for starting over.

She could become anyone. The pills were originally used on the worst of criminals who had life sentences of more than a few lifetimes. Their skinsuits could be used on people with mobility issues. The beauty of the skinsuit revolution was that previously useless bodies could be used for people who needed them.

So, when Tabitha snuck a pill out of work, she immediately chose Arianna to transform into a skinsuit. She slipped her feet through the hole in the back of Arianna's flattened body and began to pull the skinsuit on.

The rubber was cold and lifeless, but Tabitha knew that once she fully wore the flattened Arianna, the transformation would begin. She pushed Arianna's face over hers and slipped her arms into the sleeves. Her nipples brushed against the cold rubber, and she felt a chill down her spine. Her cock was at its hardest, and when she looked down, she could see that it was barely poking through her toned flesh. Tabitha pulled the zipper up to her neck and smoothed out the wrinkles that she could see.

As Tabitha stared into the mirror, she saw the transformation begin. A wave of heat washed over her, and she let out a moan that sounded like her and Arianna at the same time. "Oh, yes," Tabitha moaned. "It's actually working!" The skinsuit's toes fused with her own, and every part of her felt like it was on fire. Pleasure and excitement rushed through her when the entire skinsuit began to glow.

Her eyes became Arianna's, and her lips curved into Arianna's smile. Tabitha's voice had changed to Arianna's sultry tone, and she felt a warmth in her chest that made her heart beat faster. Her breasts were naturally firm, and the throbbing desire between her cockless legs was making her nipples harden.

"It fucking worked," she whispered when she brought a hand over her damp crotch. The warm sensations were completely foreign to her - she wasn't expecting things to feel so different with her tenant's body. "I'm actually Arianna now. God, no wonder she was constantly sleeping around. This body's on fire. I can't stop thinking about all the guys she's been with!" Tabitha smiled at herself in the mirror and felt a sense of calm wash over her. She had finally found a way to be beautiful, and she couldn't wait to start her new life. "But can Arianna still hear me?" she wondered.

She didn't hear an answer. The real Arianna's mind had either been sealed away or flattened out of existence after the pill transformed her body. With nobody to stop her, Tabitha quickly gathered her things and left her house to make some asset arrangements. Since she was no longer Tabitha, she was going to need to make sure most of her money was accessible. After all, Arianna was broke, but with Tabitha's wealth and control, she knew that she was going to do a much better job at being a responsible young woman. With Arianna's body, she knew that she was unstoppable.

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