Monday, October 30, 2023

Finally quitting


Jennifer smiled as she stood over Rachael. After using dark magic to astrally project herself inside of her young coworker's body, the 59-year-old woman was able to force Rachael's soul out of her. Without a body to go to, Rachael's soul was forced to slip into the closest empty body. "God, this is just great," Jennifer laughed. "I haven't felt this in shape in years. How's my OLD body, Rachael?"

Rachael watched from the corner of the room as her body was being controlled by Jennifer, her manager. The older woman had grown bitter with her job in the service industry, and she was looking for a change. She couldn't believe that the older woman had been able to use dark magic to take over her body. "This can't be happening," Rachael whispered. "How the fuck did this happen?" Rachael winced when she got up from the ground. Every bone in her body ached. She felt heavy, and her breathing became erratic.

Jennifer laughed. "Thanks for agreeing to stay after hours. This wouldn't have worked if you didn't agree to stick around with me. While you cleaned up the shoes, I spent nearly half an hour on my break preparing the spell. I'm glad you didn't accidentally go into the break room while I did the spell - you could have ruined everything. But now?" Jennifer caressed the side of her slender neck. "Now, I'm fucking gorgeous."

"Give me back my body," Rachael demanded. "You can't just take someone's body like this. What did I even do to you?"

Jennifer smiled. "Oh, honey. I don't think you understand. Maybe after living in my OLD body for another few weeks will open your eyes. My life sucked. Men wouldn't sleep with me. Nobody wanted to even touch me. But with a body like this, I can finally take a second chance at life. And it’s all thanks to that Native American ritual that I found online. It’s amazing what a dead person’s ashes and a few herbs can do. Now, I'm going to keep this body, and you're going to stay here. Like this. Forever."

Rachael trembled. "No, you can't do that. You can't just keep me here forever." She started to cry. "I'm sorry you feel like that, but you can't just take over my body. You can't do this. It's wrong."

She felt the power of Rachael's body pulsing through her veins and bit her lower lip when she realized that she was getting horny. "Wow … I haven't been this turned on in ages. You have a boyfriend, right?” Rachael nodded with a sad look. Jennifer laughed as she pulled out the young woman's cell phone. Her eyes lit up after her fingerprint unlocked the phone. What she found made her even wetter. "Well, that's just too perfect. He's a good looking guy too! Gosh, he works out too. I can't wait to give him a try." Jennifer gave the trapped body swap victim a wink. "Better not be too loud about this, by the way. Nobody would believe you, but you also have a few more decades left in my old body. Don't let yourself look like a crazy girl. Your pension isn’t going to be enough to support you, so you’re going to have to find a way to keep working for the rest of your life."

Rachael began to cry. "Please…"

Jennifer smirked and walked away. "By the way, you're not done working. You have another thirty minutes. I'm leaving this place … forever. Be sure to do a good job, JENNIFER!" The older woman slammed the door behind her as she left the bowling alley. Rachael's heart sank as she realized that she was going to be stuck in her old body for the rest of her life. 

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