Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Taking his powers

When Aaron first started practicing magic, he wasn't expecting to learn an insane amount. There were a few things he wanted to be able to do. He wanted to be able to create food from scratch, and he only focused on spells that could help him take care of himself. After getting kicked out of his home, money was always an issue. He struggled to hold a steady job, so when he accidentally learned that he had magical abilities, he started Googling places that could open up his full potential.

That was when he discovered the Hidden Magical Academy at his local gym. It was a basement where people could learn the basics for free, and when his teacher, Anna, gave him his first spell book, he immediately fell in love with magic. He learned many of the basics over the course of two months, and by the time he was ready for more advanced spells, he had already amassed a collection of three other spell books for his own personal learning.

Aaron knew that there were repercussions for using the spell book to alter his body. He wasn't delving into temporary transformations anymore - he was dealing with permanent alterations, and there were no signs of slowing down. When his first alterations changed parts of his face, he realized that he preferred a more feminine look. He'd been uncomfortable in his body for years, and he didn't realize why until he saw how he looked in the mirror.

Sure, he looked a little awkward with his bulky arms and broad chest. But as he stared into his feminized face, he realized that he needed to change himself even more. He chanted the incantation in the spell book and felt something crawling in his chest. His nipples hardened and grew outwards, and two firm breasts emerged from beneath his shirt as he let out a moan. Every incantation he chanted made him love his altered body even more.

But the spell book's transformation incantation gave him a warning. He could only alter one section of his body at a time, and utilizing the spell too much could permanently alter his mind. Yet when she stared at himself from the side and admired how his face complemented his breasts, he knew he had to take the risk.

When Aaron first started experimenting with his feminine voice, he was nervous. He didn't think about using magic to do it at first. It sounded very unnatural, and the first time he'd opened his mouth and spoken in a high-pitched tone, he blushed and clapped a hand over his lips. It sounded way too high pitched, and his throat was becoming strained. He didn't sound the way he wanted, so he used a spell to make his voice sound like his sister, Tamara.

For hours, Aaron stared at his spell book, plotting his next move. Despite sounding the way he wanted, the annoying boner between his legs made him want to keep going. Yet the more he stared at the spell book, the more he realized that he was having a harder time concentrating. He was starting to somewhat lose his mind, yet he knew he couldn't be done yet. "I'm not completely finished," he said in his new voice. "One more. Just one more."

He knew what he had to do next, and he couldn't contain his excitement as he practiced the words in his head. As he practiced, he grew hot in the face and aroused in his pants. The heat made him tremble as he fell on all fours. He looked down between his legs and saw the outline of his cock shrinking, little by little, until a damp camel toe emerged. 

But that was the last time he could speak one of the incantations. The only thing on his mind was playing with his new body, and once his hands slipped inside his pants, the wonderful wetness from his new vagina made him love how different he was now. He loved how turned on he was, and his delightful moans made him keep pushing himself over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm, he felt the last of his masculinity slipping away. It wasn't long before his mind was permanently bimbofied. Unable to read the spell book's incantations, the only thing he could think about was cock and being bred.

Of course, that had been Anna’s original plan. The magic teacher took back the spell books upon learning of Aaron’s fate. Smirking, she would absorb the magic that had been siphoned into the books for her own magical prowess. Allowing other magic users to use her spell books gave her a chance to absorb their powers, ultimately extending her life and beauty until her next victim came around.

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