Thursday, October 5, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 4


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Jennifer posed in front of the mirror and admired her new breasts. After being trapped in a male body for so long, she managed to save up the money to get enhancements. Her breasts were a lot bigger now as she waved her waist from side to side. She was so focused that she didn’t even see Stuart walking up from behind her. And when she felt His strong arms wrapping around her waist from behind, she immediately saw her cock getting hard.

His hands crept up her tummy and gave her a light squeeze. "I'm allowed to touch them like this now, right?"

"The scars are fully healed," she said while leaning back into him. "Are you ready to go?"

He kissed her cheek and smiled at her reflection. "I'm the waiting for you."

“Sorry, I think I was just hypnotized by my new breasts. Not a fan of the scarring, but it looks good in this shirt, doesn’t it?”

Stuart nodded happily. She quickly gathered her purse and gave herself one final look in the mirror. After adjusting to her new body and finally getting a boyfriend who accepted her for who she was now, she found that her life was getting a lot better. Stuart was a lot more patient and understanding since he didn't judge her for having a dick. He just wanted to love her as she was, so when Jennifer mentioned getting a boob job, he seemed a little hesitant.

But that went away after he finally saw her new tits. It also helped that Jennifer knew how good he was as a partner. He was really gentle with her since she had never experienced a penis before, and he took his time to make her comfortable when they were first together. 

She was embarrassed when they first had sex, but he had a lot of experience. He understood everything they needed. In the past, Jennifer remembered her inner folds moistening and taking whatever inside of her. She never had to worry about lube or anything like that.

With her male body, a lot of adjustments had to happen. She did everything she could to look into what caused her sudden sex change. She heard about a girl in her city whose face had been stolen from her, but nobody ever found a way to help her. The girl had apparently gotten a lot of plastic surgery to look more feminine. To Jennifer though, it wasn't that bad. The girl still had her female body. Jennifer had it way worse - her breasts were gone, her soft skin had become dry and stretched, and her shapely bum was gone. 

Thankfully, none of that bothered Stuart. His patience meant the world to her, especially after she finally accepted that her body would never become her old body again. He helped her understand everything. From her cock’s ejaculation to edging, he helped her understand her private bits And as she walked out to the car, he complimented her breasts again, causing her to blush while they sat in his vehicle. Her life felt ruined all those months ago, but as she glanced at the golden ring around her finger, she realized that her life was only going to get better.

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