Wednesday, October 4, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 3


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After chanting the blood magic incantation from his printed piece of paper, it only took a few minutes for the pearl bracelet to rematerialize on the spot where Patrick had smeared his blood against the floor. Once it finally arrived, he immediately pulled it over his wrist. Within seconds, his head began to throb. After doing this the first time over a month ago, the sensations he felt never went away. He felt heat radiating from his face while his nose bone cracked, and when he grunted, he felt his throat twisting. The pain only intensified when the magical pearl bracelet tightened around his wrist. 

After using the pearl bracelet on his first target, he knew exactly what to expect. In order to use the dark magic hidden inside of his pearl bracelet, it required another person to willingly wear it. Its wearer’s attributes would become absorbed by the bracelet over the course of several days, and the specific attributes would be the last person whose blood touched its exterior. Upon regaining the bracelet, it would allow him to reabsorb their attributes and exchange them for his own. It was difficult at first, especially since randomly gifting jewelry as a middle-aged stranger turned most people away. Thankfully, he had a front – as a pawn shop dealer, he could find the perfect potential customers to steal from.

That was when he met his first person willing to put money towards his bracelet. Jennifer was a beautiful woman who bought his bracelet nearly two months before. She lived in the same building as him, so it was easy to sneak in to steal the bracelet after a handful of weeks. He was hoping for an attractive male, but when he realized only women would be buying and wearing his bracelet, he decided that becoming a woman probably wasn’t going to be that bad. With OnlyFans becoming a huge hit globally, he realized that selling himself as a woman was the next best way to help him with his money problems. Unfortunately, this meant that Jennifer would have his male body’s physical attributes, but he didn’t care. 

The only other issue was that he wasn’t complete yet. He had a set of nice tits and a gorgeous set of legs, but his face remained unchanged. He still looked like a 54-year-old drunk with dry skin and an awkward grin. And despite all this, he couldn’t find anybody willing to buy the bracelet – he felt like he was stuck in limbo. So, he sold the pearl bracelet to Sam, an old coworker who had worse money problems than he did. Patrick knew that Sam had a girlfriend thanks to social media, and it didn’t take long before Laurie began posting pictures of her wearing the bracelet.

By the time morning rolled around, Patrick had taken it from Laurie's apartment while she was asleep. She was only a few blocks away, and he knew that Sam hid his apartment key beneath his carpet. He also knew that Sam would be working overnight, so Laurie would be fast asleep by the time Patrick would take her face.

Now that the magic was doing its work, Patrick knew that it was time to become complete. His face was glowing, his skin shifting while his groans became higher in pitch. He could feel his features fully morphing now until a loud crack echoed all around him. When the pain finally subsided, leaving him drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, he slowly approached the mirror. A feeling of excitement bubbled within him – it was a feeling so intense that it overshadowed the remnants of the pain. 

His face was no longer his own - it was an exact replica of Laurie’s face. Her cute nose, her beautiful eyes, and her subtle dimples were his now, and he couldn’t help but admire them alongside the rest of his body. He gently set the pearl bracelet in his jewelry box and got excited about taking selfies of himself to show off his new appearance. He was excited to see how much money he could hustle with his current body before deciding on stealing more attributes for himself.

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