Friday, October 6, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 5


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Part 5

“I’m such a dirty slut,” Patrick whimpered while his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Who else agrees with me?” When the wireless toy between his legs twitched violently, he knew he had his answer. “Ohhh, good, yes. Make me shake like that … o-oh…”

One of his viewers had just given him a $50 tip to make the toy vibrate. One tip after another sent his mind into a frenzy. Patrick moaned as he stretched along his bed in his new apartment. He had moved across the country to start over, and after getting enough money for his posh home, he was loving his new life. His hands gently squeezed his breasts until he saw a message on the screen. “Play with yourself,” a viewer had said. Smiling, he began circling his dainty clit while he looked at the nearby webcam. When he felt the toy vibrating again between his legs, he gave the webcam a wink. 

There were over two thousand people watching him pleasure himself, and the more he brought himself to orgasm, the more he actively enjoyed being a woman. It made him wonder what else he could do once he found another set of attributes to take. Upon getting bored with his current figure, he figured swapping attributes might end up making things even more fun for him.

The possibilities were endless. He could be a heavier woman, or maybe even a skinnier Asian girl. The thought of gaining more attributes at random made using his magical bracelet a much more exciting experience. Biting his lower lip, he felt the pressure beginning to build up inside of his dripping slit. His palm circled his clit, while a single finger tunneled through his moist folds. He felt the toy vibrating even harder now while he helped push it deeper inside with his finger. Before he knew it, he felt his lower half starting to tremble. He arched his back, and after a final vibration, his body tightened, and he let out a long moan.

Moisture seeped through his fingertips before finally gushing forth. His body shuddered while pure ecstasy ran through his naked body. The bed felt absolutely filthy while he rode his orgasm. He could already tell he was never going to try to take another man's attributes. He didn't want to risk losing what he had. He didn't want to risk getting a cock. Patrick wondered if this meant his subconscious had always been like this - wanting to be the opposite sex. Wanting to be comfortable as a woman, but unable to truly do so until recently. Deep down, he was glad he made the decision to steal Jennifer and Laurie's attributes.

He couldn't have imagined his life being any better. He had everything now - an incredible body, endless earnings, and a customer base who could validate his ego by thirsting for his feminine form. Sure, he had basically altered Jennifer and Laurie’s lives forever, but he could care less. He was far away, and neither of them had any idea that he had stolen their qualities.

And as he looked at the computer, he couldn't help but smile at all the messages he saw scrolling across his screen. Each message from another viewer made his heart flutter, especially since it meant a donation had come in. He was rolling in cash now, and money wasn’t going to be an issue going forward. Their lusty desires and cravings fueled his own desire to steal more attributes, and this was only the beginning. He already had a few DMs from other creators who wanted to collab with him. What they didn't know was that he was actively searching for more bodies to steal from.

This would make for an interesting year of wonderful and lucrative fun.

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