Thursday, October 12, 2023

A very convenient vessel

As a senior witch, Gloria had needed a new body to inhabit after she realized that her flesh was decaying earlier than anticipated. She was lucky to find Joanna at the perfect moment upon moving to her new apartment complex. Gloria's previous neighbors had been suspicious of her strange and dark behaviors. Since witchcraft was an illegal subject in the majority of societies, Gloria decided to run away to avoid further suspicions.

The problem was that her 62-year-old body wasn't holding up as well as she would have hoped. She knew that the reason for this was because Ingrid, the previous owner of her body, had placed a revenge hex on herself since she knew her body was about to be stolen. Gloria did her best to use her own magic to extend her body's lifespan, but she knew that an early body hop would be needed in order for her to survive.

Gloria's true soul was nearly five hundred years old, and she didn't plan on ending things yet. She wanted to keep living, especially since she had so much fun seducing and enjoying every delightful vice that humanity had to offer. To be alive and vibrant was exciting, and her favorite activity was having sex. After all, it was one of the few things that empowered her witchcraft. Certain potions could only be brewed through sinful lust too, so that was always something she wanted to stay on top of. And despite being 62-years-old, the endless orgies had helped stave off old age just long enough for her to find a new vessel. 

And as soon as she saw Joanna, she knew she had found the perfect body. She was a healthy blonde who looked to be in her early twenties, and Gloria knew that she had found the perfect victim when she sensed the girl's untapped potential as a witch. One of the issues with permanent body hopping was that she always had to make sure that her new body had the potential to use magic. If she couldn't find a body that could use magic, then the body she would permanently possess wouldn't be able to extend her life. She would never be able to jump to another body once her new body began to rot.

She giggled as she twirled her new blonde hair and felt the excitement running through her young body. Her heart was racing, and her legs fidgeted with anticipation. After using a spell to place her mind inside of Joanna’s, absorbing her mind was easy. While she didn’t get her full memories, Gloria had enough bits and pieces to really pull off Joanna’s identity. The young woman had an almost perfectly clean slate. She could make as many adjustments as needed, and since she didn’t have very many friends, most people wouldn’t be able to judge her if she ever messed up.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound filled the room. Then, beeping sounds from Joanna's phone echoed, which indicated that Jack was coming in less than twenty minutes. The thought of really getting to use her new body was all too exciting as she smiled. He would be the first man to please her, and she was going to use every drop of his seed to embolden her spiritual soul tethers that bound her to her new flesh. While Joanna had magical potential, it would be a while before she could use it to the fullest of its potential. Thankfully, with a body like this, she had all the time in the world to do so.


  1. I always love your F2F captions. Please add the F2F label for future searches. Thanks in advance

  2. very well crafted story of a differnet life & even universe. great pic. Poor girl what a nightmare. Just in opasssing Imuch prefer body swaps rather than possessions.

    1. he only really does captions or requests from his Patrons, so my guess is that he's getting more possessions.

      He used to be exclusively body swap