Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Desperately wanting my stepsister


“Tina” smiled at Laura as she stood across from her naive best friend. The spell was already done, and her new body felt incredible after Sabrina drank the soul release potion. She had been given a can of soda with the potion mixed in by her stepsister Laura, and upon drinking the carbonated beverage, Sabrina's soul immediately left her body. With the body completely empty and unable to protect itself from dark magic, “Tina” immediately took Laura's hands. It took two people to transfer a person's soul to another body, and with Laura's desire to have sex with her stepsister's body, she eagerly assisted “Tina.”

“Tina” had promised to do everything with her best friend. What Laura didn’t realize was that “Tina” wasn’t the same Tina she’d grown up with. The body thief was a 200-year-old woman who had chosen Tina as her initial vessel. Her real name was Melinda, and she was a witch who had grown tired of Tina’s average appearance. Upon getting her new body, Melinda promised to let Laura do anything she pleased. The thought intrigued Laura, and the woman ended up doing everything in her power to get Melinda inside of Sabrina's body. She never questioned how “Tina” found the spells or potion to do this, though. If she knew, she would have never helped “Tina” steal her stepsister's body.

It only took a few words for the incantation before a cloud of white smoke shot out from Melinda’s lips. She felt her mind being shoved into Sabrina's significantly younger body. "It worked," Melinda laughed as she looked at Laura. "I'm in her body. Her body is MINE forever now."

Laura was enticed by Melinda’s words. She had always wanted to be with Sabrina, but the older woman had never given her the time of day. Now, though, with “Tina” inside of her stepsister's body, Laura would finally have her chance. She wanted to taste her. She wanted to be with her. And she desperately wanted her acceptance. With “Tina” in control, she could have all of that. Melinda could feel Laura's gaze on her as she walked over to her “best friend.” Laura had been waiting for this moment since Sabrina first rejected her. "Can we go use her bed? S-Sorry, your bed?"

And that's when Melinda let out a laugh. "Sorry, now that I'm in her body, I don't really have any desire to have sex with you," the body thief said. "You did your part, though. Thank you for that. Now that I have your stepsister's body, it's going to be fun being part of your family. Especially since you're such a well off one."

Laura's face dropped, and her heart sank. She couldn't believe what “Tina” had just said. She had done everything “Tina” asked for and more. And now, she was just going to walk away with Sabrina's body. "Honestly, I understand why she rejected you. This body's horny, but not horny for you. Your brother, on the other hand…" The body thief giggled. "God, yes, I'm thinking about him right now. I can't believe how moist this body is now."

"Tina, I fucking can't believe I just did this…"

"Me too," Melinda laughed. "You were so turned on at the thought of eating your stepsister out. You're such a disgusting girl. And now, your stepsister's soul will never slip back inside of me. Not after you helped launch my soul into this sexy body." Melinda swayed her hips and backed away. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like some privacy. I'm going to have lots of fun with MY new body."

Laura couldn't believe how foolish she had been. And now, she had to live with the guilt of betraying the one person she loved. She couldn't believe she had let this happen. She couldn't believe she had been so naive. The body thief saw Laura's desires, and she enticed her with the right amount of lies that would alter her family forever. And the worst part about it was that nobody would ever believe her. She’d be forced to watch as “Tina” would tease her for years to come.

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