Sunday, October 8, 2023

Left with nothing

It was a warm summer night, and the streets were alive with music and dancing while the sun was just starting to set. But for Richie, it was a night of reflection and bitterness. He sighed and looked out over the balcony, the cool air caressing his face and the soft swell of his pregnant belly underneath his flowing dress. Richie hated his life and everything about it. Sure, being a girl had its ups and downs, but he was dreading the thought of having to be a single mother.

It was on this very balcony when it happened. He didn't think much of it at the time. He was a rich executive who had rented out an Airbnb unit for a fun night with a gorgeous girl from an escort agency. One drunken night of passion and seduction was all it took. He and the mysterious brunette bombshell, Emily, had danced the night away before escaping to his Airbnb to end their night with some sex.

She showed a clean medical examination and agreed to unprotected intercourse, but what Richie didn't know was that she had some sort of magical ability that could swap their minds. He wasn't sure if it was actually magic or if it was a machine, but after he came inside of her, he found himself trapped in the woman.

Emily had smiled down at him before leaving with his entire identity. He tried to find her, but it was impossible to track down a woman who had enough money to keep him as far away as possible. He realized now that she had been hired by somebody to steal everything from him, because when he did a deep dive into his personal finances with the help of his saved passwords, he realized that everything had been transferred out of his accounts. His house was sold, and the proceeds had gone elsewhere. All that was left behind was the memory of their passionate lovemaking and the swollen belly growing within Richie.

It was humiliating for him to be in this state, but there was nothing he could do. He just hoped that the baby growing inside of him was his own. Emily had stolen everything from him, and all he potentially had left was his unborn child. Thankfully, the Airbnb owner was more than happy to let him stay at the unit, especially when Richie offered some "sexual favors." And as he looked down at his swollen belly, he stroked it lovingly. He was a poor soul trapped inside of a beautiful and curvaceous woman, and with a new life that had zero backstory, he at least had a clean slate to work with.

He knew it was wrong, but his situation was desperate. He couldn't live off handouts forever. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he had learned to embrace his femininity and use it to his advantage. With a fake ID and a flawless cover story, it wasn't hard to land some sugar daddies who wanted a pregnant girl to fawn over and care for. In fact, he could hear his phone vibrating in the bedroom.

Stepping inside, Richie figured if he couldn't sell his own personal assets, he might as well sell the best ones he had left: his body and mind. He could see all sorts of people wanting a taste of him, so he began slipping men into the right time slots so he could do them all in one night. After all, he was going to need all the money he could get.

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  1. Classic body theft with the escort. I liked the hint of a deeper plot with Richie suspicious that the whole thing had been set up to steal his wealth.