Monday, October 23, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 4

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Part 4

Fred was on all fours on Charles' bed. He moaned in Chloe's voice the moment he felt the stranger's cock stretching his insides. He felt the cock sliding into his tight ass with his powerful hands holding onto his slender waist. Eventually, his fingers dug into his wide hips when his cock abruptly slipped out, only for it to slide into his wet, ravaged cunt. He was using both holes, and Fred was loving every bit of it.

He was amazed at how wonderful it felt to be fucked as a woman. His abs looked amazing after being maneuvered so much, and the damp linings of his muscular physique made him feel so strong. He used to feel so pathetic with his old body, and now he was the perfect athlete. The awesome thing about his sexy body was that he had multiple holes to work with, and the excitement of being submissive made him shred the last of his masculinity. His lips quivered and gasped while his tits jiggled beneath him. Eventually, Charles reached out and wrapped his fingers around Fred's neck while he bucked his hips and grunted.

"Say it," Fred moaned. "Oh fuck, yes, say it."

"You're better than my wife," Charles grunted.

"God, yes," the feminized man cried. "Fuck me in both holes. USE ME! I'm yours, baby. I belong to you." It was an experience beyond anything he could ever imagine. Being used in his stepdaughter's skin felt like the best punishment, especially with Charles dominating him from behind. And the fact that it was happening so quickly gave him a rush. It seemed so mean and naughty to be using his wife as a way to make this even kinkier, but the more they talked like this, the more passionate the sex became.

Suddenly, Charles pulled out and spun Fred around. Fred fell onto the bed, and the handsome man from the pool stared back at him. "Get on your stomach and suck me off. We're not done. I want you to suck your ass and pussy filth off my cock."

He didn't need to ask him twice. Fred giggled like a fool, crawled over, and proceeded to suck every inch of Charles' massive, throbbing cock. He wasn't just interested in foreplay, though - he had plans to use his stepdaughter's tongue as a gag and lick his cock with her head while trying to push every single inch of it down her throat. Fred moaned against the man's rod and saw his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Charles managed to roughly push Fred's face away from his cock before he came too soon. When both men watched a small bubble of white seep through, Fred let out a playful giggle. "That was close, wasn't it?"

Charles was panting. His muscular frame glimmered beautifully in the room's lighting while he playfully slapped Fred's bum. "Roll over on to your back, slut," he said. "I'm going to finish inside of you."

Fred glanced back at the throbbing length and obediently nodded. "Yes, sir," he said while he rolled onto his back. The man immediately grabbed his waist and pulled him closer. Fred let out a surprised giggle and watched the length vanish between his legs. A rush of heat and pleasure pushed through him as his dainty fingers pinched the sides of the mattress. "Oh, fuck, yes. Use me, Charlie. I want you to fucking use me."

"I'm going to cum..."

"I need it inside of me," Fred cried. "Please, fill me up..." It only took three more thrusts before Charles groaned. A wave of warmth filled his insides, and he felt the skinsuit finally merging with him completely. His new body was his own now as the stranger pulled out of him. A gush of his seed slipped out of Fred's vagina and into his gaping ass. The skinsuit tightened somewhat before he could feel his skin becoming tingly. "Holy fuck..."

The room became filled with their light panting while the sensations overwhelmed Fred. Second by second, he could feel the skinsuit permanently fusing beneath his skin – he was officially the new Chloe. Charles' strong arms wrapped around Fred's waist while the two embraced each other beneath the filthy sheets. He felt dirty, violated, and wonderfully sore while he felt the other man’s fingers caressing his perfectly toned tummy. Everything around him faded into a dreamless blur while Charles whispered his love to him. That was when Fred knew that he had this man tied around his finger. Money was never going to be an issue ever again.

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