Friday, October 20, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 1

Part 1

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Leading up until now, today had felt so perfect. The blankets were freshly cleaned, and the smell of lemons was in the air after the cleaning staff serviced the room. Chloe felt at peace when she suddenly felt a tight pinch at the back of her neck just before she got up from her bed. She had been taking a nap just before her quick trip to the gym when she heard something rustling behind her. She thought everything was fine until the tight pinch made her feel queasy. She wondered if it was a pulled muscle, but when she saw a shadow at the corner of her eye, she realized that somebody else was inside the room her rich stepdad had booked for her as a reward for getting record grades at college.

She wasn't expecting her vacation to lead to this, though. Fear gripped her as she opened her mouth to yell for help. She knew that her room was located near the resort lobby, but when she tried to speak, the sound of air rushed out of her lips. Before she knew it, she could feel her entire body twitching before she realized that her muscles were shrinking. She looked down as her breasts flattened, and just before the world began to go dark, she realized who the shadowy figure was. "Dad?" her lips barely murmured before she felt the last of her air leave her body.

Her stepdad, Fred, was a large, bald man with a pug-like face and crystal blue eyes. He stared down at her with a look of sadness while his grubby hands caressed a freshly emptied needle. He put it away and sighed. "I'm sorry that I had to do this to you," he told Chloe. "There's no going back now. A reversal serum was never made. But when that criminal sold it to me, I didn't care. This is a one way trip - I gave him almost everything in your mom's account." He placed the needle inside a box and placed it beneath the bed. He ran a hand along her flattened body, and she realized that she could still feel the warmth of his skin. "But your mom's never going to find out - I promise. This is going to be our little secret."

Fred slipped Chloe's skin over his shoulders, and he felt the rush of heat flood his veins. He knew that the inside of the skinsuit would react to his flesh, but he wasn't expecting the transformation process to start the moment he put her on. Out of shock, he pulled it away before deciding to start with his legs. He was afraid that he'd take too long to pull her on, so he did his best to do it as quickly as possible. "Ahhhh!" He groaned as he felt his body begin to melt against Chloe's. 

His toes slipped into hers, and once the skinsuit was up to his waist, he could feel his bulging thickness trying to break through the skin. The sensation felt foreign - the feeling of wetness and desire emanated through his body when he managed to pull the skinsuit over his belly. He looked down, and the faint outline of his lower body could be seen poking through her abs.

"Oh god," he murmured. The squeezing sensation around his legs was unbearable, especially as his body attached itself to the skinsuit's insides. He knew that her deflated muscles were reacting to his skin, and when he felt his toes starting to shrink inside of the skinsuit, he knew that the transformation process was truly beginning. After struggling to adjust himself into the skinsuit, he finally managed to pull Chloe on completely. He moaned the moment the head portion of the skinsuit went over his head. His stepdaughter's flesh pulled down on his head, and he was afraid the skinsuit was going to snap apart while it struggled to squeeze down on him. But once the hole in the back of the skinsuit merged together, he felt his entire body start to shrink. He let out a high-pitched wail, and for a moment, he thought the skinsuit was about to finally force itself off of him.

But after he took in a deep breath and looked into a nearby mirror, he saw that the skinsuit was glowing. Chloe's breasts emerged, and his body began to look natural. His hair became her hair, and the brunette staring back at her was Chloe's face. The stretchiness of her body felt so smooth that he couldn't even tell where he ended and Chloe began anymore. He stood up from the bed and giggled when he saw that he was actually his stepdaughter. Looking at himself from the side, he admired the firmness of his tits and the way his legs looked when he waltzed around. He ran a finger along the ridges of his new abs, and when he looked at himself from over his shoulder, he could see his beautifully toned bum and thighs. Everything felt so real, and despite being one foot shorter now, he felt confident and excited to flirt with the men at the resort.  That's when he remembered that he wasn't done - one of the downsides to the serum was that it only made a person into a temporary skinsuit. They would inflate back to normal with enough time, but if he could get another man to cum inside of him, he could make the skinsuit become a permanent fixture against his skin. Taking pictures of himself, he decided that it was time to make things permanent.

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