Monday, October 2, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

Jennifer gently removed her jewelry – she never wore any during her workouts, but she liked the comments she’d get from the other girls. She put away her earrings, promise band, and her newest bracelet made from pearls. It was an authentic bracelet that she got for no more than fifty dollars – she’d seen similar ones for hundreds before. She was never a big jewelry person, but after Marcus started getting her expensive jewelry, she slowly became a little obsessed over each piece.

One by one, she placed them carefully in her jewelry box while she ran a hand along her flat and toned tummy. The faint linings of her muscles oozed with progress and sweat, and she was looking forward to washing her body. Once the jewelry was safely tucked away, Jennifer made her way to the bathroom after setting her T-shirt and jeans on her bed. She felt the weight of the day on her skin while she removed her hot pink sports bra and yoga pants. Stepping into the corner of the bathroom, the steam from the hot shower enveloped her, making her muscles relax while she savored the heat that engulfed her sore body. She had pushed herself hard, determined to beat her personal record.

After a while, the water started to turn cold, and that’s when she stepped out. She didn’t bother washing her hair that night – she wanted to go straight to her one hour nap. She wrapped herself in a soft towel and walked back to her room. The bed looked inviting while she dried her athletic body. It beckoned to her with its soft sheets and plush pillows. After slathering some lotion and admiring her physical progress in a nearby mirror, she slipped under the covers and let out a sigh. 

She felt a sense of peace while her eyelids became heavy. The world outside was still, and so was her mind. Jennifer closed her eyes, letting the sounds of the night lull her into a deep sleep. As Jennifer drifted into the dream world, she felt an odd sensation. It started as a gentle warmth. Soon, she felt hotter than she had ever felt before. It was as if she was in a desert, with the sun beating down relentlessly. Jennifer tried to move, but her body felt heavy. Her sheets clung to her, drenched in sweat. As she moved her fingers, she felt a strange pressure, as if someone was squeezing them tightly. The same happened with her toes.

The weight in the air grew heavier. Jennifer felt like she was trapped in a thick blanket, unable to breathe or move. Panic set in. She reached out, trying to find her bedside lamp. She needed light, hoping it would make everything clear. Her fingers finally found the switch, and as the lamp bathed the room in a warm glow, Jennifer saw something unbelievable.

Her room was filled with water. It reached the ceiling, turning her bedroom into an underwater cave. She looked around, eyes wide in shock. Her furniture floated, and her books swirled around like leaves in the wind. Jennifer tried to scream, but no sound came out. She could feel the pressure of the water on her chest, pushing her down, and pinning her to the bed. Every second felt like an eternity. Her heart raced, and fear gripped her. Just as she felt she couldn't take it anymore, just as she was about to give in, she woke up.

Jennifer sat up straight, gasping for breath. She looked around, half expecting to see her room still filled with water. But it was dry, everything was in its place. The nightmare had felt so real, but now, it was just a fading memory. Jennifer glanced at her clock and realized that it was 4 AM. “I overslept,” she realized. “Fuck, I was only supposed to sleep for an hour…”

Still shaken, she got out of bed. She needed a change of clothes, since the ones she wore were soaked with sweat. She walked to her bathroom, still trying to shake off the remnants of her dream, only to let out a horrified scream. She stared at herself in the mirror – her face was fine, but her body was different. Her breasts were completely flat, her hips were narrower, and her perfect bum was gone. Her body had become more masculine. She looked into her surprised eyes, and just when she thought it wouldn’t get any worse, she felt something between her legs starting to go hard.

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