Saturday, October 28, 2023

Punishing my nightmare student

Cecilia ran her hands through her soft, red hair and looked down at her pink slippers. She felt so light and free after forcing her mind into her student's body. Before Stephanie gave her attitude, the older woman had warned her never to speak up in her class again. She was trying to enjoy her final year of teaching philosophy at the university, but the young woman had been a thorn in her side. She constantly spoke up in class, and she had a wealthy father who consistently complained to the dean about Cecilia's teaching style.

While the 65-year-old woman wouldn't have cared under most circumstances, she felt especially hurt when Stephanie decided to use deepfake technology to make Cecilia do embarrassing things. It was obvious that the videos were fake, but the fact that a 19-year-old student was willing to drag her flawless reputation through the mud made the teacher want to teach the girl a lesson. She posted random videos everywhere, and while nobody knew who the original poster was, Cecilia could tell that it was her when she saw very familiar insults.

Stephanie loved to call Cecilia a waddling cow, or a cross-eyed granny. Every one of those comments in the description of provocative videos hurt, so the philosophy professor searched for ways to get back at the young woman. The school's faculty weren't helping her, and Cecilia felt like her mental health was suffering until she found the address to a local witch offering her services.

What Cecilia wasn't expecting was the witch's suggestion. Kyra was an 80-year-old witch with a small shop full of odd trinkets. She pretended that her magic shop was a souvenir store, but that was just to keep her magical secrets hidden away. With Cecilia wanting a chance to get revenge on Stephanie, the old witch suggested using an astral projection necklace to launch her mind into her intended target. Cecilia sat across from the old witch, and upon wearing the necklace, she visualized Stephanie and activated the necklace's dark magic.

Suddenly, she found herself flying through the air, eventually slipping into a massive mansion and falling into Stephanie while she sat in her living room. Cecilia was panting, her new fingers digging deeply into the girl's sheets while she stared up at the ceiling. That was when she began to run her hands through the girl's red hair. She walked around and felt the air rushing up against her soft face. Cecilia had been a heavy smoker in her old body, and having Stephanie's smooth voice and breathing felt so wonderful. “Her breasts are so big...”

While the professor would've preferred to do more to embarrass Stephanie's personality, she felt like exploring her new, sexy frame. The older woman could do anything she wanted. She could have sent embarrassing photos and text messages to the girl's friends, or she could have even ruined the girl's academic reputation by purposely plagiarizing her upcoming paper. But the more Cecilia explored the rich girl's life, the more she wanted to stay this way. She didn't want to go back to her old body - she wanted to replace Stephanie forever.

And thankfully, the old witch was more than willing to let that happen. Cecilia would go on permanently possessing Stephanie's young body, replacing her with a significantly better personality. However, there was much more to the possession that Cecilia would never know. The necklace wasn't an astral projection necklace that let people possess their intended targets. When Cecilia slipped into Stephanie's body, Stephanie found herself trapped in the older teacher's body. But Kyra wasn't going to let her live on as the older woman. Instead, the witch absorbed Stephanie's soul and new body, permanently absorbing her essence in order to rejuvenate her wrinkled skin. Magic always had a price, and Kyra had been wanting a soul to devour for quite some time.

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  1. chilling! very well written hrror story Ican't blame the old prof too muchbut the wold witch absorboing thoe girls soul is utterky evil Brrrr!