Saturday, October 21, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 2


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Picking out a swimsuit was harder than transforming her body into a skinsuit, but Fred managed to find the perfect set. After seeing a bunch of comments and getting endless messages, he knew that he was going to be a really popular girl. And as he stepped out into the resort hallway and felt a million eyes on him, he knew that the next few weeks would be incredible. Of course, one of the biggest reasons behind becoming Chloe wasn't just to become a beautiful individual. He had plans that would determine his future as Chloe Stone. Sure, he had a lot of insecurities about his age and appearance, but there was a lot more to becoming Chloe than one would have realized.

Fred had been a gay man for his entire life. He was never open about it, and it wasn't like he had a shortage of girlfriends, but he never felt comfortable with his sexuality. The other issue was that Fred had suffered from a gambling addiction. It was so bad that he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it wouldn't be long before his wife would eventually discover his fuck ups. That was when he ran into a criminal who specialized in identity theft. For a small sum of $50,000, he could supply Fred with a serum that could transform anybody into a temporary skinsuit. For an additional $50,000, he could learn how to make a permanent skinsuit, and so that was when Fred took the biggest gamble of his life. He eventually learned that insemination would permanently fuse his body with the skinsuit.

And now that he was Chloe, he could have any guy he wanted. Insemination wouldn't be difficult. The resort was filled with unbelievably rich men, and when he did research on the men who messaged him, he was excited to learn that nobody made less than seven figures per year. He just had to find the cutest one - he didn't want to settle with a guy close to dying. He wanted a partner - he wanted a man to make him feel wanted. 

He stepped into the indoor pool and sniffed at the smell of chlorine. A subtle smile stretched over his lips while he walked barefoot across the side of the pool. The eyes were still on him, and when he saw men with their wives or girlfriends checking him out, he gave them a playful wink. Some wives noticed and slapped their husbands, while others awkwardly looked away out of embarrassment. There was power in being a gorgeous woman, and having an athletic body like Chloe's made it hard to not notice him.

Every step he took made his thigh muscles twitch beautifully. The more he moved, the more feminine he became. Soon, his hips were naturally moving side to side while the firmness of his ass pulled stares like a magnet. He stopped at the very end of the pool where it was at its deepest and jumped in. The water splashed around him while his hair draped around his shoulders. When he surfaced, he pushed his hair back and laughed playfully while he moved his arms and legs. Seeing his reflection in the water made him realize just how sexy and perfect he was, and the fact that he wasn't out of breath made things feel even better.

He swam a few laps around the pool before he pulled himself out of the water. As Fred rested at the edge of the pool, a young, muscular gentleman with dark brown skin holding an eggbeater margarita strolled up. The man was tall and lean, with a perfect smile, a chiseled jaw, and short hair that was black and wavy. Fred turned around in surprise, and he tried to hold back the urge to lick his lips. He recognized the man's face on one of the online accounts - he was a manager at an oil company down south. "Wow," he accidentally murmured. "I'm Fre- ... Chloe. How are you?"

"I'm good, Chloe," he replied. "I couldn't help but notice you were alone. Mind if I join you?"

"Be my guest." Fred had done his best to make sure his voice sounded softer and higher pitched, which wasn't too difficult with Chloe's voice. He gulped - he knew what he did, but he couldn't remember his name. "What about you? What's your name?"

The man nodded before setting his drink on a nearby table. "Charles." He bent his legs and sat next to Fred, and he could see that the man's eyes were glued to his breasts when he playfully squeezed them together with his arms. He could smell the cologne that the stranger was wearing, and the sweetness made him want to run his fingers through his hair. "I'm surprised a girl like you is alone. This place is filled with guys and older women. Are you with anybody else?"

Fred shook his head. "I'm alone - I also don't really want to swim," Fred admitted. "I just wanted to try out my new swimsuit. I'm thinking about drying off and getting a bite to eat for dinner."

"I have a few towels in my room," he said with a wink. "We can stop by there and get a seat at the restaurant downstairs." Fred paused to think for a moment. A naughty smile crept over his lips as he agreed.

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