Friday, September 22, 2023

Finally taking her studies seriously


Nally sat with a coffee in her hands while the food court emptied out. Classes were starting, but she had a few hours before her next class. Across from her was Jasmine, her best friend, who was busy studying. This was a rare sight for Nally to see, especially since she wasn't supposed to still be here. She always left to go home after her morning classes - she didn't have any afternoon or evening classes to worry about. "She seems so focused," Nally thought while she observed her.

The other peculiar thing was that Jasmine wasn't trying to distract herself by talking to Nally. She was usually the life of the party, not the one to bury her nose in books. She was the popular and pretty rich girl - that was her entire personality. But now, she seemed like a completely different person. Jasmine was known for her beauty and her love for having fun. She would sometimes make choices that worried her friends, especially since she loved experimenting with hard drugs from time to time. And her breakup with Albert had left her feeling sad and lost a few weeks ago. After the breakup, people started to notice changes in Jasmine. She was quieter, she stopped going to parties, and she seemed to be avoiding the things that once gave her joy but also brought her pain.

Nally and the rest of Jasmine's friends were worried about her. They initially thought it was Albert's fault, but when he revealed that she was the one who broke up with him, they became even more concerned. Obviously, they had seen Jasmine make bad choices before, so they were actively trying to make sure that she was okay.

Seeing Jasmine so focused on her schoolwork made Nally feel hopeful, though. She didn't have anything to really worry about. She had been worried that Jasmine would not be able to pass her classes because of her love for fun and her lack of interest in studying, and now, she was on the right track. She could see the determination in Jasmine’s eyes, and it made her believe that Jasmine had finally decided to change her life for the better.

But Jasmine wasn't who her friends thought she was - she was actually Angela, a 55-year-old witch who wanted to start over. Albert had purposely stayed quiet about their breakup, but he knew the truth behind what had happened. He just couldn’t tell anybody – he was physically and mentally unable to.

The real Jasmine was absorbed into the body thief's mind. Of course, she couldn't have done it without Albert - he was the one who helped her, after all. Angela had been helping Albert get through some tough times as an unlicensed therapist, and when he revealed that he didn't have any money to pay for her services, she decided to ask for payment in a different way. 

He gave her his soul. It took several more sessions, but she ultimately managed to alter his mind. She took drops of his blood and burned herbs around his head to control him. He eventually became an obedient follower who was willing to do anything she wanted. After speaking to him more, she knew that his relationship with Jasmine was falling apart. She knew about all of Jasmine's issues and the trouble that was brewing inside her head. So, she convinced him to take Jasmine in for therapy. But instead of providing her with a therapy session, she instead prepared a body swap ritual by placing a circle of her own blood beneath her patient's chair. Once Jasmine took her seat, Angela activated the spell, and she found herself inside of Jasmine's gorgeous body.

And with her new body under her complete control, she was excited to make the most out of Jasmine’s life. She loved everything about herself. From her silky blonde hair to her firm breasts, being a young woman again made her excited to re-explore the things that she never experienced in her youth. Albert would never get a chance to please her, but a campus full of attractive men were throwing themselves at her. She had everything she needed to make things easier for her – money, beauty, and magic. All she had to do now was pick the best possible option, but that wasn’t going to be so hard with Jasmine’s beautiful body.

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