Saturday, October 29, 2022

She just gave it to me

"Look at her," Grace whispered. "She won't know what's about to happen."

"Are you sure that there's zero chance for her to regain her body?" Adam asked while he gently squeezed Grace's hand. 

They walked into the room while she kissed her new lover's lips. "Everything's been fine so far. Annie can’t do anything. Don't you trust me?" 

He nodded and held her young body close. The area between her legs throbbed with desire, but she knew that she had to stay focused. They had an entire lifetime together - she had to focus on the present. 

Smirking, she realized how bad all of this was. But after seducing Adam and showing him how to properly use her body to satisfy him, her plans were starting to fall into place. He loved the new Annie much more, and she knew this all too well.

Grace stood over her unconscious body as it remained strapped in its seat. After a terrible car accident fifteen years ago put her in a coma, she had no idea what was going on in the outside world. That is, until a hospital volunteer gave Grace the chance to live through her for a certain amount of time. Annie was a kind, sweet girl who dedicated a lot of her free time to helping others, so this was her way of giving back. She let patients be her with the hospital’s temporary mind transferring services. It was never meant to be permanent.

But Grace was a woman with wealth and connections. After learning that she would be placed back into her crippled comatose body, she paid the hospital staff to help her make the transfer permanent by agreeing not to put her old body back on life support after pulling the plug. 

Annie would die in her old body while Grace would finally be able to enjoy her life. And as Grace pulled the plug and watched the vitals drop, she could see the last of Annie's life fading away.

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