Sunday, October 2, 2022

A willing exchange

Sid loved to cross dress and live life in general. He hadn't fully taken on his desired pronouns out of fear of getting bullied and harassed. But that never stopped him from expressing himself. He wore colorful dresses and took care of his hair. He kept referring to himself by his male pronouns until a girl who identified as male wanted to have his body. Kelly had gone through the same issues as well. He happily donated himself if it meant becoming her. They went to their local body swap clinic and signed all the necessary forms.

And once he was inside of her, he didn't hesitate to make adjustments. He worked on his new brown hair and bought himself incredibly cute dresses and skirts to wear. He tested his new body and felt every wonderful sensation. And when he finally summoned the courage to go out to his local bar, Sid began flirting with every guy he could find. He was a new experience for him, especially now that people weren't judging him.

"Jesus, look at this! What's your name?" A cute guy across the bar asked.

Sid smiled and sat at his table, which had three other tall, handsome men. "S-...Kelly.”

"I'm Ron - this is Chad, Greg, and Billy. Can I buy you a drink?"

Crossing her legs, the new Kelly nodded and decided to sit back and watch how things played out. She couldn't wait to see how far she could get with these guys.

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