Tuesday, October 11, 2022

My supportive teacher

Taylor was in awe at what he'd become. He knew that the potion would alter his physical traits based on the female hairs he collected, but he wasn't expecting to adjust so well. Now, standing in front of the mirror, he pulled down his baggy boxers and stared at his slender, female body. His once average chest was now adorned with two perfect, pert breasts. His skin was now smooth and unblemished, and his hair cascaded down his back in soft, dark waves. Taylor was absolutely gorgeous, and he had his teacher to thank.

Eve was sitting across the room with a proud smirk on her face. After learning about what Taylor was going through with his mental health, his high school teacher went above and beyond to try to help him. She cared for him a lot as a teacher, and since she had a big potion-making background as a chemistry teacher, she decided to help him. "I told you it would work. Just don't overdo things. The potion only lasts for five hours at a time, so you can't be out for too long. If you like it, I have a potion that'll make it permanent. I just want you to make sure you want to actually transition."

He admired his new body for a few minutes before deciding to go out in his new form. It was a nerve wracking experience, but he had his teacher to help him with every step of the way. He quickly donned his teacher's spare dress and some sandals before heading out the door. He was stopped almost immediately by a group of guys who started to whistle and catcall at him. At first, he thought they were harassing his teacher, but when he looked over his shoulder and saw his teacher watching him from down the street, he smiled when Eve turned to walk away. "You've got this," Eve's lips mouthed. Taylor felt a surge of confidence and power that he'd never felt before. He knew that he was now the one in control and that he could have any man he wanted.

"How about a drink?" Taylor asked while she brought everybody to the nearest bar. He didn't know which guy he should test out first, but he was definitely going to explore his female form. He only had five hours, and he fully intended to use every second.

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