Thursday, October 6, 2022

Getting lucky with a client

Becoming a private escort proved to be difficult for Phil. Natasha, who got him into the business, easily got online listings answered. He’d get three of four clients per month, which didn’t get him as much side hustle money as he would’ve liked. But one day, he ended up getting a strange request from another man.

Triston and his wife Celeste were a swinger couple who were into very kinky things. One such kink was using dark magic to temporarily place Phil’s mind inside of his wife. Celeste would remain completely conscious while Phil made all the decisions. The experience would’ve freaked anybody out, but Phil was surprisingly calm about all of this.

Now in the body of Triston’s sexy wife, he admired his feminine features and the way his lingerie clung to his body. He was never interested in becoming the opposite sex, but having Celeste’s body was really interesting. Every kiss felt like fire rippling across his body, and the shivers he felt made his head go hot and fuzzy. And when the couple asked him to play with himself in his new body, the amount of money he made that night ended up paying for half a year’s worth of expenses.

The best part about it was that Celeste loved the feeling of not having control over her body. Phil ended up getting repeat customers that day. Getting paid to masturbate in front of another man was too good of a deal to pass up on. Money wasn’t going to be an issue.

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