Saturday, October 8, 2022

My regrettable night

The night before left him full of regrets. His awkward encounter with an older hooker made him want to rethink his life. Luna hadn’t been that bad - she was actually quite beautiful for her age. But Sam had a girlfriend, and this had all been a big mistake. Sam couldn't help but feel a little disoriented when he got up. It was almost like he had slept for days on end. His entire body felt limp as he slowly pushed himself up from the hotel bed. Every inch of his body ached, but he wasn't exactly sure why.

"What the hell?" He muttered with a raspy voice as he slowly stood up from the bed. His entire body felt wobbly and he coughed. He didn’t sound very good. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. 

Sam slowly undressed and stepped into the shower. He let the hot water wash over his body. “I’m never going to do that again. She left a sour taste in my mouth.” He closed his eyes and tried to remember what else happened the night before, but it was all a blur. The only other thing he could remember was going to bed the night before until he suddenly turned off the water. He darted to the mirror and squinted. An aging woman’s face stared back at him as he let out a horrified scream.

Luna, the 41-year-old prostitute, had somehow placed him inside of her body. He frantically looked around for his stuff, but it looked like his body was gone. He would desperately try to regain his life, but nobody would ever believe him now that he was in Luna’s body. Things wouldn’t have been that bad. His new body looked great with make up. The problem was the endless debt and ex-husbands chasing after him. 

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