Sunday, October 9, 2022

Coming out of retirement

Rachel was horrified when her body moved across the room. She looked into the mirror, but it was somebody else in control. "Oh, wow, it actually worked," her lips cooed while her hands playfully slapped her flat tummy. "She's fit too! This is such a wonderful start."

Rachel was disgusted but couldn't look away. She was a spectator in her own body as it strutted across the room. Her body stopped in front of the bed and began to undress when Rachel suddenly felt a little bit of control. Her entire body froze before her lips let out a laugh.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were in here with me," her lips said with a sultry voice. "Looks like I can't have my fun yet. Not until I completely seal you away." Rachel suddenly yanked back control. Her eyes widened in horror as she watched her own hands tremble. She was fighting for complete mobility until the possessor forced her mind away. "Nope, nice try. I know how you're doing that. It's incredible how much willpower you have, but that's thankfully an expendable resource. You'll be tired soon enough, and your body's going to be mine."

"Who are you?" Rachel's voice echoed internally.

The body thief moved back to the mirror and stuck their tongue out. "A complete stranger - I'm Vanya. Say ... now that I'm looking more closely, I DO recognize you. You're the girl who would smile at me in the morning on your morning runs. Poor girl ... I won't let your body go to waste. My priest gave me a fun little statue that was supposed to help guide my soul to the afterlife when I became ill. But I decided to use it to go into you. I didn't think it'd work!" No matter how hard Rachel tried, her mind remained trapped in her body until she felt the world starting to darken. Slowly but surely, Vanya's soul overtook her own, and the body thief completely stole her life.

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