Saturday, November 5, 2022

Her secret job

When Victoria used her astral projection magic and possessed her roommate, she wasn’t expecting to be in a completely different house with no clothes on her curvy body. She was going to have sex with her boyfriend for their anniversary. She was going to go straight to Victoria’s own room so she could get herself ready for a full night with Ash. Instead, she was sitting alone in a room she didn’t recognize. Suddenly, the door opened, and Victoria darted towards the bed to cover herself with the covers.

“Huh? You okay?” A deep voice asked her. She poked her head over the covers, and she immediately saw his naked, muscular figure walking closer to her. He smiled warmly after locking the door. It was one of the soccer players from their school, and the sheer sight of his naked body made the area between her legs throb with lust. “Did you change your mind?”

“My mind? No … I … sorry, I was just unfocused.”

“Good, I was worried that I wasn’t enough. Most girls like you charge a lot more. I wouldn’t have minded, you know. I think you’re worth it.

She couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. Victoria always wondered how she afforded to pay for rent without having a real job. “She’s an escort,” she whispered to herself while the soccer player approached the bed. She was going to change her mind, but when she smelled the faint scent of his manly musk, Victoria decided that trying out her new body couldn’t hurt.

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