Sunday, October 23, 2022

Knocked up in the body suit


Trevor was sitting on the bed in his sexy white lingerie while he listened to his boyfriend's manly grunts. He watched Ashton doing pull ups on the other end of the room, and a smile stretched over the pregnant man's face. Just watching him get ready for their next video was getting him excited. The two had made an insane amount of money selling private videos to customers online, and this next one was going to be really exciting. People were really into skin suit pornography, and the two men knew exactly what their customers wanted.

"You're looking good," Trevor said, his voice laced with admiration. Ashton smiled and kept going, his body rippling with the effort. He was almost at twenty when Trevor spoke again. "I think the camera's going to catch every muscle. You don’t need to do another set to make yourself look good."

Ashton's shredded body was glistening when he stopped doing pull ups. He began walking towards the bed, and the area between Trevor's legs became moist with desire. After putting on the gender transformation body suit all those months ago, it was almost like the suit had become part of him. The suit morphed his entire body, and the wonderful sensations that came with being a woman made him wonder if he should even take it off.

But after getting impregnated by his bisexual boyfriend, they were too afraid to try removing it. It initially scared them both after finding out three weeks ago. Yet the thought of having children together was a huge turn on for Trevor, and when he felt Ashton's excited fingers removing his lingerie, the transformed man knew that their online customers were going to love seeing his belly swell in a month or two.

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