Sunday, October 16, 2022

The perfect accident

The thought of having another man's child would've scared anybody, but Albert had felt worse before. When he first became a woman after accidently swallowing a gender transformation pill instead of his diabetes medication at the Transitions Clinic, he freaked out. There was a pill that could permanently transform him into a female, but a transformation drug could only work on a person once. Using it again would be ineffective due to the tolerance buildup, so he was forced to change everything. He had to get a new license and update anything that required photo identification.

But as the months went by, he noticed something else. He loved how fit and healthy he was now. The transformation drug had removed his diabetes, and he looked as young as most twenty year old women. He was also prettier than most twenty year old women, so when men started lining up to ask him out, he had a lot of people to choose from. But that was when he realized that he had an unbelievable amount of power over men.

He eventually settled with Sebastian, a billionaire man from Brazil. Albert slept with him on so many occasions that he eventually became pregnant with the man’s child. Thankfully, that didn't scare the transformed Albert. This was an opportunity to live a life of luxury for the next few years, and when he decided to keep the baby, Sebastian could do nothing but continue to pamper him. Life as a woman was awesome, and being a billionaire wife was going to be even better.

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