Friday, October 7, 2022

The love guru

Marcus crossed his arms and watched the cameras with a proud smile on his face. He told them that he’d be monitoring their every move to make sure things were going well, and they were initially embarrassed at the thought of it. But seeing them like this made him realize that they didn’t care. Kim moaned helplessly in his female body while Britney excitedly fondled the area between his legs. “How’s that?” The muscular Britney asked.

“God, that feels incredible,” he said. “We need to do this more often.”

The door behind Marcus suddenly opened. “Wow, I didn’t think they’d explore each other so quickly,” Josh said as he came back from his break.

“It’s progress,” Marcus said with a nod. “I was surprised too. But should we really be? It seems like half the time people don’t know what their partner really wants.”

“I’m more surprised that we don’t use the swap machine more often.” Britney and Kim were a married couple struggling to satisfy each other. They went to every counselor in the area until they finally came to Marcus’ office, a sex therapy professional with a long track record for success with couples. But Marcus never went straight for the swap machine right away because of the possibility of the swap being permanent.

And unfortunately, the possibility occurred. Thankfully, Marcus had all the necessary liability forms signed, so Kim and Britney were going to have to get used to their new bodies.

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