Monday, March 20, 2023

Tricked by a career criminal

Corey stood in front of the bathroom mirror, carefully straightening his long, blonde hair. He couldn't help but grin at his reflection. He had made it through the entire weekend in Vanessa's body without cheating on her, and he was feeling proud of himself. “She was full of it. She can fuck off once we switch back.”

Vanessa had been convinced that he wouldn't be able to last, given her own past struggles with self-control. She had cheated on him before, and blamed it on her hormones. So, when she proposed the bet - if he could live as her for a whole weekend without cheating, they would break up, but if he couldn't, they would stay together - Corey had decided to take her up on it.

They went to a body swap clinic and signed the necessary paperwork. He had been surprised at how difficult it was to navigate the world as a woman, but he had managed to keep his urges in check. Sure, he would play with his new pussy and experience a female orgasm again and again, but that wasn’t technically cheating. It was a lot of fun. “She should’ve just done that,” he whispered spitefully. “She could have just rubbed her clit or something. Why did she have to do that?”

He had even found himself enjoying aspects of femininity, like putting on makeup and wearing his girlfriend’s dresses. It had been a strange but enlightening experience. As he finished straightening his hair, he heard a knock at the door. He opened it to find a stranger standing beside a police officer.

"Can I help you?" Corey asked, still feeling a little disoriented from his weekend in Vanessa's body.

The stranger hesitated, then the cop spoke. “You didn’t start running. I guess you’re not Justin.”

Corey shook his head. "Sorry, who?”

The stranger started to cry. “I’m Vanessa. Babe, I can’t believe it took this long for me to get back here. But somebody’s been in my body for the past six months. I thought he was a door to door salesman, but he put me in his body with some sort of machine. I didn’t realize what had happened since he drugged me … and then I found myself halfway across the US.”

That’s when Corey realized the trouble he was in. It wasn't Vanessa who had switched bodies with him - it was someone else entirely. He had no idea what had happened until Vanessa, who was trapped in the body of the stranger, found him with the help of a worried cop.

Justin was a criminal who had been hopping from body to body to escape the authorities, and now he had taken over Corey's body. With the police’s help, Corey began to piece together what had happened, but it was too late. Justin had already escaped with his body, leaving them stranded in each other's bodies forever. The worst thing about it? Corey was now pregnant thanks to Justin’s fun with another man before the swap.


  1. I like the twist at the end. Corey and Vanessa can go to the swap clinic and put Vanessa back in her body, unless he can't use the clinic until after the birth.