Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Letting my singing teacher play for me

Zachary was feeling nervous as he stepped onto the stage. He was a professional singer, but he had temporarily swapped bodies with Megan at their local body swap clinic. Megan had been trying to get a new scholarship to help pay for her master’s degree in biology, and she had been practicing with Zachary for over five years.

However, despite all of her hard work and dedication, Megan was not feeling confident about her singing skills. Her teacher was unable to convince her that she was more than good enough to perform on stage, and she had begged Zachary to take her place. Zachary couldn't understand why Megan didn't want to do it herself. She had an amazing voice, and he knew that she was more than capable of performing on stage. But when he started to sing, he immediately understood why Megan was so nervous.

The stage was huge, and the audience was massive. The judges were sitting in the front row, and they were all staring at him with critical expressions. Zachary felt like he was under a microscope, and he was starting to second-guess himself. But as he started to sing, he felt a surge of confidence. He had years of experience performing on stage, and he knew exactly what he was doing. His voice was strong and powerful, and he could feel the audience starting to connect with him.

The three judges were amazed by what they were hearing. They were composed of two older women and a man who caught Zachary’s eye. He had a chiseled jaw and bulky muscles, and when Zachary kept looking at him, he felt a strange warmth moving through him as he performed. Regardless of his bodily sensations, it didn’t detract from the performance. They had never heard a voice like Megan's before, and they were blown away by her talent. They were impressed by Zachary's years of experience, and they immediately offered him the scholarship.

Zachary was overjoyed while he stepped off the stage. He had never felt so proud of himself, and he was grateful for the opportunity to help Megan achieve her dreams. But when the male judge offered him a chance for more than just a scholarship, he saw an opportunity for his friend. Mr. Wolffe could give him a lifetime of career opportunities if he joined him in his hotel room, and when Zachary found out it was another word for sex, he was all too willing to go all the way.

And he loved every bit of it. He loved the raw passion between their kisses, and he loved how his shivering orgasms left him moaning for more. Unfortunately, the experience would prevent him from swapping back until nine months down the road. Zachary thought he could be sneaky about it, but having unprotected sex resulted in him becoming pregnant. It didn’t take long before Megan found out what he had done. Their relationship would forever be changed, especially when Zachary decided to keep the unborn child for the full nine months.


  1. Ha! Nice bit of karma there. I bet after the 9 months, and giving birth, Zachary keeps Megan's body.