Wednesday, March 8, 2023

The old witch's crush

Jennifer sat nervously on the edge of the bed, twirling a strand of her long black hair around her finger. She couldn't believe she was actually here, in Alex's apartment, about to have sex with him. She had been crushing on him for months, but had never had the courage to make a move until she possessed his crush’s hot body. 

Annie was a student in Alex’s college finance class. She never liked Alex the way he liked her. She happened to live on the same floor as Alex and Jennifer, but the witch knew how the college girl was. She was rich, spoiled, and a complete bitch. Alex liked her for all the wrong reasons - he loved her body. His male mind’s judgment was clouded by her awful personality, so Jennifer decided to use her spell book to place her brain inside of Annie’s young body.

Jennifer was a witch whose body was way past its expiry date. This wasn’t the first body she had stolen, but it was the first one in centuries that she had chosen based on another man’s tastes. It felt so wrong, but Alex had always been such a sweetheart. He frequently helped carry her groceries around, and he would keep her company whenever she invited him over for cookies and tea.

The old witch inevitably became obsessed with him. “He doesn’t even know who I really am,” she said with a little bit of guilt in her voice. As she crossed her legs and waited for him to step out of the bathroom, Jennifer's heart was racing. She was scared and excited all at once, her mind filled with thoughts of what might happen. “What if he somehow finds out?”

She knew he liked her new body. She had read his mind on multiple occasions. He stepped out of the bathroom and immediately joined her. Alex leaned in and kissed her, their bodies wrapping around each other perfectly as they caressed each other. It was a soft, gentle kiss, but it sent shivers down her spine and made her young body hotter by the minute. She kissed him back, and before long, their clothes were scattered on the floor and he was plunging into her stolen body.

As they made love, Jennifer felt like she was in a dream. Alex's touch was delicate and perfect, sending waves of pleasure through her body while he enjoyed her stolen flesh. She had never felt so alive as the guilt washed away. Jennifer couldn't believe how easy it all felt. As the night wore on, they cuddled and talked some more. Jennifer felt safe and comfortable with Alex, and she was excited to settle down with him.

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