Friday, March 24, 2023

Becoming a better girlfriend - Part 1


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Heather had been feeling sad for weeks now. She had fallen deeply in love with Max, a charming and handsome man her best friend was dating. Sure, it was a horrible thing that she was doing, but she felt horrible. She knew Aine wasn’t treating him right despite being an unbelievably attractive fitness influencer, so she decided to fill in the gaps. Eventually, Max and Heather had started seeing each other in secret, knowing that his friends and family would never accept her for who she was. Despite the risk of getting caught by Aine, they continued seeing each other, and Heather cherished every moment she spent with Max.

Compared to Aine, Heather knew what the boyfriend wanted. She was the only one who could really pleasure him. Sure, Aine was a fitness goddess with an unrealistic body that could seduce anybody, but Heather had more experience and passion than any girl Max had been with. She had always struggled with her identity though, and it wasn't until she transitioned that she finally felt like herself. Max loved her for who she was, and she loved him for accepting her.

But everything changed when Max called things off. He told Heather that he couldn't continue seeing her because of his bigoted friends and family. It was devastating for Heather to hear, especially since she knew how much Max loved her. He had often praised her for being the best at sucking his cock, and she knew he had trouble resisting her.

Max moved on quickly and continued seeing Aine. Heather knew that Aine could never satisfy Max the way she could, but she was powerless to do anything about it. She was left feeling heartbroken and alone, wondering if she would ever find love again. The worst thing about it was that Aine had finally found out about Max’s affair, and she was only putting a leash on him to rub salt in Heather’s wounds.

That's when Nana Greta, Heather's grandmother, stepped in. Nana Greta was a witch, and she had always been fascinated by magic. She had a collection of magical items, and one day she decided to give Heather a special amulet called the "Soul Swapper." She told Heather that the amulet had the power to swap souls between two people, allowing them to experience life from each other's perspectives.

Heather was skeptical at first, but Nana Greta insisted that the amulet was safe and that it could help her heal from her heartbreak. She gave Heather a list of instructions and told her to use the amulet wisely.

Heather took the amulet home and read the instructions carefully. She couldn't believe what she was reading - the amulet was real, and it had the power to swap souls. “Read the incantation three times and focus on your intended target. Wait until her soul leaves her body, and then focus your heart and let the amulet push you out…” Frowning, Heather knew what she had to do. This was the only way she would be able to get back at Aine for everything she had done.

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  1. I like the start. I wonder if there will be any twists along the way.