Thursday, March 30, 2023

Losing the old me

Kimiko was a transgender woman from Japan who decided to permanently immigrate to the United States ten years ago. Her best friend, Mike, had been the object of her affection since she first came to Utah, but he was not as interested in her as she was in him. It was not that he didn't care for Kimiko, but his preference for blonde Caucasian women left her feeling a little inadequate. 

Frustrated and hurt, Kimiko began to seek out alternative methods to capture Mike's attention. One day, as she wandered through a dusty antique shop, a tattered leather-bound book caught her eye. With trembling fingers, she leafed through the pages, realizing that it was an ancient spell book. Her heart raced at the prospect of what it could offer her. The store owner, a grizzled old man, didn't seem to care about the book's contents, and he let her purchase it for a meager sum.

Once home, Kimiko began to study the book, her excitement growing as she discovered spells that could change her appearance. She practiced and experimented with minor spells, altering her hair and eye color temporarily. But she wanted more than these simple tricks. Determined to seduce Mike, she set her sights on a more powerful transformation spell that would make her into the blonde, voluptuous woman of his dreams.

Days turned into weeks as Kimiko poured her energy into the spell. The process was laborious and required her to gather rare and exotic ingredients. As she worked, Kimiko became obsessed with the thought of Mike's admiration and love. Finally, everything was in place, and she prepared to cast the spell.

In the dimly lit room, Kimiko chanted the ancient words, her heart pounding with anticipation. The air around her crackled with energy as the spell took hold, and she felt her body begin to change. Pain coursed through her as her bones shifted, her muscles grew, and her hair transformed from jet black to golden blonde. Kimiko gritted her teeth, focusing on the image of Mike's face to help her endure the agony.

As the pain subsided, she slowly opened her eyes and gazed at her reflection in a nearby mirror. A stunning blonde bombshell stared back at her, every feature exactly as she had envisioned. She traced her fingers over her full lips and the curves of her now ample bosom, marveling at the results of the spell. 

Her new form was undeniably beautiful, and she was certain that Mike would be unable to resist her. And when she ran her fingers over her brand new pussy, a naughty smile stretched across her lips. She couldn’t wait to play with her new pussy. Seducing him was going to be easy, but her faithfulness to Mike would be put into question once endless droves of attractive men would inevitably seduce her back over the weeks to come.

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