Saturday, March 25, 2023

Becoming a better girlfriend - Part 2


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It felt strange coming to Aine’s apartment building after so long. She stood outside of her ex-best friend’s door taking a deep breath before she knocked the door. “Fieri inter se,” she whispered the incantation. A strange surge of heat ran through her body. “Fieri inter se…” She took another deep breath while she closed her eyes. “Fieri inter se…” She couldn’t believe how hesitant and anxious she was, but she knew that she needed to do this. Aine didn’t deserve Max, and she couldn't let him go without a fight.

Aine answered the door and looked at Heather with disgust. She was wearing an unbelievably sexy dress. "You didn’t come at a good time. I’m about to go out. What are you even doing here?" Her voice radiated with bitchiness. Heather didn't have time to answer before her necklace began to glow. She felt her insides squeezing, and she knew that something was about to happen. Just before she could throw up, she placed both of her hands on Aine's shoulders, and the young woman's eyes widened. A bright white light immediately emerged from Aine, and her body fell to the floor. Shocked, Heather took a step back and felt a black light emerging from her own lips. The black light left her, and she immediately felt her body falling to the floor beside Aine's.

It was the strangest sensation, especially when Heather struggled to fit through Aine’s smaller and toned body. Aines’ soul quickly slipped into her transgender body, but it was almost like Heather was struggling to slide through. Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity, Heather’s eyes opened.

She stood up as her heart raced with both excitement and confusion. She could see her own body beside her bare feet staring at her with shocked eyes. Heather looked down at her old friend’s firm breasts and looked around her. She was shorter, but she was definitely skinnier and sexier than her old body. She stepped through Aine’s apartment and immediately caught her reflection on a small mirror hanging beside a calendar. “How did … Heather … how is this possible?”

“I can’t believe this worked,” she said in Aine’s voice. “I was scared I wasn’t going to fit in your body.” She kissed the air and laughed when she saw her old body standing up and looking at her with a distraught look in her eye. She could see her old body’s boner sticking through her jeans. “I see you like how I look. Or maybe you’re just not used to my body yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I don’t mind that you’re getting turned on by MY body.”

“What the fuck did you do! SWITCH US BACK!”

Heather playfully shook her head. “And give up this perfect body?” She excitedly slapped her fat ass and ran her hands along her tight dress. “I can’t believe that a body could be like this. Being a fitness influencer is going to be so much fun. Especially when I’m the one calling all the shots. And with this pretty pair of lips, Max is going to really love the new Aine once I suck his cock. I hear you don’t do that enough, HEATHER!.”

“I’m Aine you fucking bitch,” she hissed while she lunged forward. Heather felt her new body stumbling backwards as she saw the necklace around her old body’s neck fading into dust. The only thing that could have switched them back was now gone, but rather than rub that in Aine’s face, she let out a horrified scream. She was grossly weaker despite having a fit body, but thankfully, a group of men were in the hallway overhearing Aine’s roaring at her. Heather’s old body smirked. “Good - Charlie, is that you? Could you please help me hold her down? She stole my body. Please, you have to help me.”

It looked like it was Aine’s neighbor. But the look in his eyes said it all. He glared at her and immediately told somebody to call the police. Smiling, Heather decided that this was the perfect opportunity to keep Aine out of the picture while she lived her life. She faked an innocent voice. “This girl just came into my apartment and started attacking me...”

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  1. Nice body-swap scene! I like how the amulet crumbled to dust and that Heather was quick witted enough to get the police involved.