Monday, March 27, 2023

Becoming a better girlfriend - Part 4


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Heather was on her hands and knees at the center of Aine's room. She was naked, her hands squeezing her large breasts while she sank down on Max's length. He groaned and stood above her, his sexy body glistening in the bedroom lighting while he stroked her dark hair. Heather's mouth expertly worked Max's thick cock, and she could see the disbelief in his eyes when she slurped and gagged. 

Aine actually had a gag reflex, but she understood how to use her tongue to pleasure her ex-best friend's partner. "Wait, Heather?" He asked with an unsure tone. Her heart dropped the moment he found out - she wasn't expecting him to find out so soon. She simply smiled and winked at him. "How are you doing this? Are you disguised as her right now?"

Heather moaned lightly into his cock before responding. "Well ... I did a few things. After you finally called things off, I wanted to show you what you were going to be missing for the rest of your life. You were going to be stuck with Aine, and I didn't want to imagine you getting stuck with a girl who isn't even willing to suck you off." Heather's lips swallowed his tip and felt it throbbing between her lips before he could respond. She gagged and slurped again before pulling away to take in a deep breath. "I found a way to switch bodies with her. Now, I'm in her body, while she's stuck in mine."

"And where is she?"

Heather giggled mischievously. "Well, she attacked me, so I had the police send her to jail. I'll probably put a restraining order against her to keep her away so I can keep her body for good. And since you know who I am now..." She stood up beside him and backed up into Aine's bed. She gracefully sat down and crossed her toned legs while she seductively ran a hand through her hair. "Are you going to tell?"

He stared in silence for what felt like an eternity. Heather thought he was going to back away, but when he moved up to the bed and pushed her over, she knew she had him. Moaning, she felt the tip of his cock sliding into her, and the ecstasy she felt when she masturbated in her new body returned. The only difference now was that she wasn't doing the work. He plunged into her stolen body and stared into her eyes. “Is this really going to be permanent? This isn’t just some temporary thing?”

“I’m not giving this body up,” she said. “I’m never giving it back. Don’t you think I’m more deserving of all of this?” Her voice became pure spite. “Don’t you think I’m a better Aine?” The primal desire flickered in Max’s eyes, and the the two eventually lost themselves in their lust as the bed creaked beneath them. They moved from position to position, but neither of them seemed to lose energy. He flipped her onto her tummy and held her down, his hot lips planting kisses against her back while he mounted her sexy figure. It was her first time having sex with her new inner folds, and she was loving every bit of it. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he pounded her pussy, and she couldn't help but moan loudly. When he pulled out, she turned around to face him. Their mouths met hungrily, and they kissed passionately until he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up.

He was going to carry her into a different position when he suddenly started groaning. She felt his warm seed splashing inside her while he looked down with a sad look. But she simply kissed his lips and collapsed on the bed beside him. “Fuck … sorry.” He was panting. “Aine’s not usually this wild.”

"I told you that I’m the better Aine," she giggled. "Don’t worry, I don't mind that you finished so soon. Look, we have all the time in the world. We have all night. Once you're ready, you can fuck me again." She cuddled up beside him, his warm seed still dripping out of her canal, and lightly bit at his neck until he was hard again. Tonight was her first night getting fucked in her new body, and she was willing to make it a memorable first night.

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  1. It's nice that he figured it out so quickly. I wonder what happens to Aine.