Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Using my roommate

Only moments ago, I was covered in sweat and burning with pain. Every joint screamed with suffering, and as I passed out, I thought I was going to die. I drank from a vial with purple liquid that my lab partner, Alex, had made for me. We were testing the boundaries of mind projection - with the help of certain herbs and drugs, the theory was that I could have an out of body experience. But when I woke up in a completely different yet familiar room, I realized that I was literally outside of my body.

All I had to do was look down at my naked body. After passing out in my old body, I found myself in the body of my roommate, Janice. I was stunned, especially when I found my moist fingers fondling her entrance. I curiously flicked her damp inner folds, and when I felt a jolt of pleasure shooting through me, I realized that this was going to be a lot of fun.

I began to fondle myself, savoring every wonderful spark of pleasure and desire that forced my toes to curl. I moaned gently and felt the waves overwhelming my possessed body. When my hand became rougher, I watched my breasts jiggle beautifully. Janice never showed off her body - she frequently wore baggy hoodies. She hated showing off her body. But now that I was her,  nothing was stopping me from exploring every inch of her.

There were those perky round breasts with the hard nipples, the folds of my entrance and the warm, smooth heat inside my slit - which felt like blissful velvet. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be a girl. And finally, there was the bit nub covered with lips that were so sensitive when I circled it. I stopped fingering myself when I realized just how much better her clit was. Every little movement made me moan in desperate pleasure.

My lust began to boil inside me and before long, I felt my body crawling with ecstasy. The pressure inside of me finally brought me over the edge, and the building climax hit me hard. I let out an uncontrolled scream and shivered in her bed. The area between my legs drenched the sheets while I writhed in beautiful agony. "Fuck, I can't believe how good her body feels."

While lying on the bed, catching my breath, I realized that the nearby door was open. Peering inside was Alex. "Is it actually you in her body?" He asked curiously while stepping into the room. Biting my lower lip, I sat up from the bed and wiped the glistening sweat from my forehead. I gave him a coy smile. "It's really you - how does it feel? Does it feel weird?"

"It feels better," I said while crossing my legs. I noticed his boner. "Did you want to try her out?" My smirk was probably all that he needed to see - his excitement grew as I slowly spread my legs and spread her outer folds, showing him the beautiful, shimmering pink flesh on the inside. It didn't take long before we lost ourselves beneath the sheets. His body was warm and her scent filled his sheets. While I was ravaging my friend, I completely lost track of time. Of course, the possession was only temporary. It would only last as long as my body remained drugged. Since constant drugs were dangerous, we both decided that possessing my attractive roommate would be a weekly thing. Janice would go on to wonder why she always felt so sore every weekend, and nobody would ever find out the truth behind their wonderful possession potion.

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