Monday, September 4, 2023

Easy path to riches - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Leila glanced around the cozy room she had rented. The warm colors of the decor were inviting. Her Airbnb host, a kind-looking middle-aged Sudanese man, handed her a cup of tea. He was tall, handsome, and unbelievably nice. The aroma wafted up, and she inhaled the fragrant scent. "Thank you," she said with a warm smile. She began to fumble through her purse for some cash.

"No tip required," he replied, his accent strong but his English clear. "Please enjoy your stay. Call the customer service line should you require any assistance and ask for Aziz." With a wide smile, he stepped out of the room, leaving her alone in the room before she could even chase after him to give a tip. She felt horrible, but she was also grateful at the same time. The people here were so nice. After going on a well-deserved vacation after breaking up with her ex, Mike, she felt like things were finally starting to get better for her. She could finally relax, and the fact that Sudan was such a beautiful place made her feel like she could finally be less on edge.

With a satisfied sigh, she examined the tea. It was a beautiful orange color, not like any she had seen before. Thinking it might be a local specialty, she took a cautious sip. The flavor was rich and tasted a lot like oolong tea. She felt comforted by the warmth spreading through her body.

She planned to relax some more, maybe even watch some local television to get a feel for the culture. Her money could go a long way around here, and she managed to save up a lot from her corporate receptionist job. “I can probably stay here for about a year if I wanted to,” she realized. “Maybe I will?” Suddenly, an unexpected sensation made her grip the tea cup tighter. She frowned when she felt an awkward twist in her tummy. It felt like a jolt, a strange kind of energy racing through her veins. Before she could comprehend what was happening, her body began to twitch uncontrollably.

The cup of tea slipped from her fingers, crashing onto the floor and splattering its contents. She tried to call out, to scream, but her voice wouldn't cooperate. Darkness clouded her vision, and she felt herself collapsing. The last thing she was aware of was the cold floor against her cheek and a distant sound of laughter.

The room blurred in and out, and when clarity returned, she wasn't in control. It felt like she was trapped in her own body, a mere spectator to her actions. She watched, horrified, as her body stood up, walked gracefully to the room's full-length mirror, and began to admire the reflection staring back. Her hands touched her face, fingers tracing the curves of her lips and cheeks. She felt a smile stretching across her face, but it wasn't her doing. The reflection in the mirror showed her eyes shining with mischief and delight. The room was quiet, save for the echoing laughter that had no business coming from her. “Amina?” A familiar voice asked from the doorway.

Leila’s heart bulged with relief. It was the Sudanese man who gave her the tea. But her heart dropped the moment she realized that he wasn’t calling her name. And when her body leapt up and got on her tippy toes to plant a kiss against the man, Leila realized that the man was somehow part of this. “It actually worked,” Leila’s mouth giggled before kissing him again. She could feel his hard cock pushing up against her. “We’re going to be able to get so much out of her.” Leila couldn’t believe what was happening. She tried to pull away from him, but the body thief had full control of her body as Aziz locked the door.

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