Thursday, August 10, 2023

Bullying two bullies

Matt (left) and Ali (right) had always been the subject of ridicule amongst their friends. The night before, they finally reached their boiling point. They tried to socialize at a party the night before, but Megan and Kate were popular girls who just loved to bully people. The two women found endless amusement in belittling the men for their appearance, often calling them "scrawny" and "tiny." They were geeks, after all, and they stuttered constantly. While Matt and Ali typically brushed off the jabs with good humor, they couldn't deny that the relentless teasing had begun to wear thin. Unbeknownst to Megan and Kate, Matt had a hidden talent for potion brewing, one he'd cultivated since childhood. With the torment escalating, Matt decided it was time to teach Megan and Kate a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.

The opportunity presented itself the next night when they followed Megan and Kate to a bar downtown. Everything seemed normal, but Matt and Ali exchanged knowing glances as Megan and Kate took sips from their glasses that they spiked without them knowing. The potion Matt had slipped into the women's wine was a complex one, designed to exchange the souls of the drinkers with those who had already consumed the potion. It was a fitting revenge, Matt thought, for them to experience life from his and Ali's perspectives.

As Megan and Kate sipped the wine, they felt a bubbling sensation in their tummies. They looked at each other in confusion before their lips opened up, and they coughed, throwing up a faint white gas. The gas swirled around them before enveloping their entire bodies. Panic set in as they felt themselves flying through the air and into the bodies of the men they had made fun of the night before. Their vision blurred, the world spun, and then everything went black.

When they opened their eyes, they realized they were boys now. Looking across the room, they saw Matt and Ali, but they were in their bodies, giggling on the couch, clearly enjoying the spectacle. "It's not very nice being scrawny and tiny, huh?" Matt laughed, crossing his legs and relishing his newfound femininity. He ran a finger along the curves of his breasts. "This is going to be a wonderful lesson for you. It’s not going to be fun being made fun of by somebody as sexy as me."

Megan and Kate were dumbfounded, their minds struggling to comprehend what was happening. They looked at each other, their faces etched with disbelief and horror. Ali shushed them before they could scream, his voice now soft and teasing. "Come, sit across from us," he said. “But don't make a ruckus, or we might not switch back." He gave his thigh a playful slap and rested his head against Matt’s shoulder. “God, you both look so pathetic. I can see how hard you GUYS are.”

Defeated and utterly bewildered, Megan and Kate sat down across from the men they had bullied so relentlessly the night before. They shifted uncomfortably in their seats while their male hormones further embarrassed them. It didn’t help that Ali and Matt were giving them sultry looks and unwarranted moans. They were clearly having more fun than they were, and their male bodies were embarrassingly having a difficult time hiding their arousal.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise for both women when Matt and Ali decided to keep their bodies for good. From the pleasure and excitement they felt with all the attention they were getting, life was just better when you were a popular and pretty girl. Men constantly did favors for them, and when they discovered that Megan and Kate were trust fund babies with unbelievably horny bodies that craved male worship, abandoning their geeky bodies wasn’t that difficult to do.

Megan and Kate were forced to confront the reality of their unkind words and actions. They stumbled through the days that followed, awkward and uncomfortable in their new bodies, every glance in the mirror a stark reminder of their cruelty while Matt and Ali chased pleasures with their newfound bodies and wealth. The two girls realized that their taunts and jibes had been shallow and unwarranted, but they realized this far too late.


  1. excellent & well written 'the worm turns' story! not surprsing that the nerds ketp their bodies.Personally I kuch perfer body swap stories. With more interaction beeteeen theperaons also no change in mass if the tales are Transformation, whille possessions stories are basically murder, then then what do I lmoww? LOL

  2. You really make the best caps! Love your work man. Really think you could bring this caption idea to life w your artistic abilities: if you don’t mind writing it here’s a prompt I’ve been thinking of lately: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

  3. Love the dialogue here and the theft. Nicely done.