Monday, August 21, 2023

Body swapping and shrinking my crush

Matt smirked as he ran his hands along his new, soft legs. After watching his neighbor flaunt her young body, he decided that it was time to make a change after she rejected him. He would have accepted a “no” if she hadn’t made such a big scene. The entire apartment building labeled Matt as a freak after Ashley spread a bunch of lies about him.

Today, her body was adorned in a grey skirt and low cut white sweater. She had been going towards a job interview when Matt stopped her in the park. After chanting an incantation he had written down from his spell book, the two immediately swapped bodies. And now that he had her attractive, sexy body, the sensation of silky brown hair beneath his fingers was both novel and thrilling. His laughter rang out, high and feminine, when he snapped his fingers and chanted a curse he knew all too well.

Ashley was trapped in his male body, but that wasn’t the only punishment he was going to give to her. Matt's wicked spell had swapped their bodies, but with a snap of his fingers, something else began to happen. Ashley let out a horrified, deep shriek that became quieter and quieter as her body began to shrink. Her clothes shrank too, and soon enough, Matt was looking down at her with his tongue sticking out. He had also shrunk Ashley to the size of a mouse. Looking down, Matt's eyes sparkled with mischief as he saw the tiny, frantic figure of Ashley looking up at him, panic in her eyes. “What the fuck did you do to me?” Ashley squeaked. “You fucking loser! Fucking weirdo!”

“Calm down, little man.”

While Ashley was extremely small, Matt could see her face going red. “You did this because I turned you down, huh? Some man you are. No wonder you’re single. No wonder you’re pathetic!”

“Oh, I’m pathetic? You’re the tiny little man, MATT.”

“Don’t fucking call me that. Why did you even shrink me? Couldn’t you have left me at a normal size?

“Well, I can’t have you finding a way to switch us back,” Matt said while shaking his head. “Keeping you small gives me way more control. Sure, I have your sexy body now, but you were still in a much taller, bigger body. I didn’t want you overpowering dainty little me. Besides, I don’t really want to stick around in that pathetic body. Always being rejected and being made fun of, especially by girls like you. How does it feel down there, MATT?” He tilted his head and ran a finger through his brown hair. “Here, I’ll give you a head start. Start running – I’ll come after you. If I don’t manage to stomp you, I think I might feed you to my pet snake. He loves a good challenge.”

The thrill of power surged through Matt, his smile widening when Ashley began to sprint. She looked so sluggish in his miniature male body. The spell had worked perfectly, and the sight of Ashley's miniature form filled him with a perverse sense of satisfaction. His new high heels gleamed ominously as he raised them, relishing the fear in Ashley's eyes, preparing to bring them down and enjoying the game he had initiated.

Of course, while he did like seeing her suffer, he wasn’t about to get his shoes wet with her blood. Ashley would inevitably run out of breath, and Matt would give her some mercy. He’d pick her up effortlessly and take her home, only to drop her in his hungry snake’s tank while he explored his stolen flesh. Ashley was never going to get her body back.


  1. WOWW! talk about dark magic & evil - chilling the bit about the snake was really evil