Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 5


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Part 5

Cassandra's fingers dug into the sand beneath her as she remained on her hands and knees. With her left hand, she circled her throbbing clit, and the wetness she felt was unbelievable. Waves of ecstasy fluttered through her while she felt Henry's cock tunneling through her ass. She moaned as the ocean waves crashed behind them. There were still people out and about, but neither of them cared. As she felt his kisses moving up her back, his powerful hands squeezed her waist. And by the time his lips began exploring the side of her neck, he began to fuck her harder.

"Oh, Henry," she purred with Abby's innocent voice. "You feel so fucking big in my ass."

"It's been years since I've been able to do anal with anyone," he whispered into her ear.

"If you don't tell anybody about what happened, you can do anything you want to my body. Anything Abby wouldn't try."

That made him even harder. As his thrusts became stronger, Cassandra moaned and thrust back against him. She began to fuck him with her hips and had no idea how close to orgasm she was. In her old bodies, she never had this much fun with her ass. This was the first body she could get that was actually built for anal. She loved everything about the new version of Abby. Her firm, bouncing breasts, her perfect ass, and her soft skin made her excited for the other types of men she’d be able to get.

"Oh my fucking god," she cried out in ecstasy. "I want every inch, Henry. Harder - faster!" She closed her eyes and felt the heat rushing through her. "She never let you do this to her. She never let you dominate her. But I'm a much better version of her, wouldn't you agree?"

"Better in every way," he whispered. His voice sent shivers through her body, and a strange excitement shot through her as their bodies glistened. Cassandra felt something familiar swelling within her body once her fingers circled her clit faster. She was amazed that she was this close to cumming already while she bounced against his cock. The walls of her ass began to squeeze Henry's cock. She could feel him getting close too. When he took a handful of her hair into his fist to tug her hard, she let out a long scream. It started as a subtle rumbling in her toned tummy, but once he gave her a playful slap with his other hand, she felt her entire body coming to life.

"Oh yes! Fuck!" she cried. Cassandra felt Henry's cum rushing through his cock, filling her tight little asshole while he leaned forward. He collapsed on top of her while her breasts brushed against the sand beneath them. He trapped her with his weight while she trembled. She didn't know how he was still filling her up, but she remembered seeing a memory of their sexless vacation together at the beach house and resort. He was filled to the brim, and Abby was constantly blue balling him. "She never deserved you, Henry. She never deserved a perfect man like you."

Henry slowly pulled out of her and brushed the tip of his moist cock around the entrance to her inner lips. She playfully bounced back at it, never letting it slip inside as she looked over her shoulder. She could tell that he wanted more. She decided to sticking around before moving on from him was the least she could do to help him keep her secret. Now that she had this perfect body, she fully planned on exploring every potential aspect of being a fit slut. And when she saw the horny look in his eyes as his cum dripped from her ravaged hole down to her honeypot, she just knew that her stolen body was going to bring her loads of fun with her brand-new boyfriend.

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