Thursday, August 17, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 3


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They eventually made their way to Daniel’s bedroom. Ronaldo’s legs wrapping around him while he plunged his cock into his new inner folds. The wetness and pleasure overwhelming Ronaldo’s transformed body made him scream so loudly that Daniel was afraid the neighbors would hear. Yet the more they kissed, the less he cared what others thought. The only thing on Daniel’s mind was getting laid, and the possibility of Ronaldo doing this with another girl he had in mind. "You're so much smaller now," Daniel teased when they went to his bedroom.

That much was true. Compared to Daniel, Ronaldo constantly worked out, so he was the fittest out of the three. After combining with Rachel, all his gains were gone, yet his confidence hadn't vanished. His mind was still swirling, yet his body still craved for more. Their bodies had been completely naked for what felt like hours - with the house to themselves, the only thing they cared about was each other in that moment. "I'm so fucking wet," Ronaldo whimpered.

"How do you feel in there, though? Is your head still spinning?"

Ronaldo nodded. "But in a good way. I think I'm just really turned on." In reality, his mind was spinning because of Rachel trying to retake control. Because the spell had placed him as the dominant mind, Rachel was constantly trying to repossess herself. Thankfully, he couldn't hear her at all, so he assumed that it was just her subconscious trying to control him. Still, he decided to lie. "Don't worry, I don't think she's trying to fight my head. I'm just out of my comfort zone right now."

As Daniel carried Ronaldo in his smaller, slender body, the transformed man couldn't believe how good he felt. He looked exactly like Rachel, except he was the one in control. Just feeling his best friend swinging into him should have turned him off. Ronaldo wasn't into men, but being inside of Rachel made it easy to see his best friend in a different light. Daniel kissed the sides of his neck while his breasts bounced with every thrust.

Ronaldo's face was flushed and the look on his face was that of pure bliss. He was amazed at how wet he was, and the longer they made love, the hornier he became. The two collapsed on the nearby bed, and with Ronaldo on his hands and knees, he looked over his shoulder and waited for Daniel to mount him.

Daniel slid himself back into Ronaldo's cunt, and Rachel's moans were forced out of him almost immediately. To Daniel, it felt tighter than earlier, and Ronaldo's fingers dug into the sheets while he raised his butt. He reached down to rub his clit as he was taken from behind. The sensations were unlike anything he'd ever experienced as Daniel stuffed Ronaldo's pussy. His ass cheeks jiggled with every thrust, and when Daniel slapped his best friend's firm ass, Ronaldo abruptly felt a shot of ecstasy flowing through him.

In that moment, he thought he could hear Rachel's voice. “What’s going on with me” was the only sentence he could hear before pure silence engulfed his mind. Ronaldo felt a sense of guilt when he realized that she still might know what was happening. Biting his lower lip, he shook his head, and a smile immediately spread across his face. The only thing he cared about was feeling a man inside of him.

He was so lost in the moment that he didn't realize that Daniel had finally erupted inside of him. He groaned and fell forward, forcing Ronaldo down into the bed while he emptied himself inside. Daniel's cum spilled out and trickled down the inner side of his thighs while their breathing filled the room. The pair were both panting. Sweat glistened across their chests, and as Daniel pulled away, Ronaldo immediately turned over and watched his ravaged inner folds drip with his best friend's cum. He felt Daniel's lips against his cheek while the two cuddled. The longer he stayed in his new body, the more excited Ronaldo felt at the thought of trying this spell out on their next victim. He just hoped Daniel would feel the same way…


  1. You really make the best caps! Love your work man. Really think you could bring this caption idea to life w your artistic abilities: if you don’t mind writing it here’s a prompt I’ve been thinking of lately: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

    1. You can put requests on the story and Caption request link on the sidebar, but he only does Patreon/Deviantart requests usually (i'm currently a subscriber on his Deviantart). He still hasn't gotten to my free one so I had to request it manually lol