Friday, August 18, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 4


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When Daniel received a text message the next morning saying that he had been invited by his college friends over for a party, he realized that it was the perfect opportunity to try merging with his own crush. Ronaldo merged with his, so it seemed only fair for Daniel. 

Among those attending included the host, Madison – the girl who Ronaldo knew had taken Daniel’s heart from the moment they met. He was excited to help his friend get a taste of the girl he liked so much, and he was even more excited when he convinced Daniel not to merge with her. “Don’t you think it would be a lot more fun if I had control? I could have all the bits you like.” 

Ronaldo, intoxicated by the magic and the allure of further transformation, was on board with improving his appearance. Madison had an adorable face and a toned tummy – she had attributes that he craved. He was a little worried that Daniel would turn him down, but when he agreed to let Ronaldo merge with Madison, he was elated.

It was the weirdest feeling, but he didn’t tell Daniel how he felt deep down. He was afraid that it might make him hesitant in trying out a third person in the body combination spell. Deep down, Ronaldo loved the way he looked, and he loved sharing himself with Daniel. 

He couldn’t explain it, but his closeness to him and the merging of Rachel’s body was doing funny things to his head. He loved having all the best parts about Rachel, and he was excited to have more attributes that Daniel was going to love. Soon, he would have all the best parts that Madison had.

When evening came, the group gathered in the dimly lit basement. Candles flickered, casting eerie shadows on the walls. The spell book was open once again, its cryptic symbols promising another night of wonder while Daniel briefly hid in the bathroom. He had to sneak Ronaldo into the party, but as the night steadily came to a close, he knew it was going to be time to act. “It’s just her and Max,” Daniel told him. “Once he’s gone, I need you to stand right beside her, okay?”

Ronaldo, still bearing Rachel's features, took a seat next to Madison when Max finally left. She looked at him, her emerald eyes curious. “Rachel, when did you get here? I don’t remember inviting you.” He abruptly took her wrist, and she immediately frowned when she looked at a set of unfamiliar eyes. “What the fuck did you do to your eyes?”

Without saying another word, Daniel began chanting the spell. The room grew colder. Madison tried to break free, their fingers intertwining as they prepared for the unknown. A glow enveloped them, their bodies shimmering and beginning to merge. The sensation was overwhelming, like a tidal wave of emotions and sensations crashing over Ronaldo.

In a matter of moments, the glow subsided. Before the group stood a new being – a harmonious blend of Ronaldo, Rachel, and Madison. A vision of beauty with Madison's toned body and cute face, Rachel's slender figure, and with Ronaldo at the helm. But the longer Daniel stared, the more he realized that something seemed off about his sexy accomplice…

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