Sunday, August 6, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 2

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“It’s finally beginning,” Cassandra laughed. “God, this is going to be wonderful.” Cassandra’s shriveled skin squeezed down on Abby’s dark skin. After deflating by using the last of her previous body’s nutrients, she effectively made her last body unusable. Thankfully, this new body’s assimilation was going quite nicely. “That feels so incredible – I can’t believe I’ve never taken a girl this muscular and fit before.” 

The young woman had lost consciousness seconds before, but the skinsuit’s tissue was starting to have a hard time latching onto her future host. Thankfully, once she felt the girl’s fingers slipping into the empty finger cavities of her deflated body, Cassandra began to feel a heart beat. It was a sign that there shouldn’t be any issues. A rush of warmth ran from her head down to her toes once she felt her body completely encasing Abby’s unconscious physique. The feeling of her deflated body permanently sealing her new vessel inside of her felt wonderful, especially when she felt every muscular curve of Abby’s body. “And now … it’s going to be all mine.”

Suddenly, she felt a moan depart from her gaping lips. Her arms and legs shivered to life, and she felt Abby's heart racing even faster. Cassandra's skin tissue squeezed down around Abby's toned body while she confusedly looked around. "What's happening to me?" Abby's lips whispered through Cassandra's mouth hole. She looked down to see the pale tissue squeezing around her. Her arms and legs were completely covered with Cassandra's skin, and she would have let out a horrible shriek if the skin hadn't started to spread around her lips. Before she could try to pull the skin off of her, she felt a wave of pleasure rushing through her while the skin merged with her own.

Cassandra could feel her legs and feet finally becoming one with Abby's legs. She lifted her left leg, and it bent back in an uncomfortable way while a spasm of ecstasy went through her. She groaned alongside Abby while her fingers dug into the sand. Little by little, Abby's mind forcefully faded away, and Cassandra could only laugh triumphantly. She moved her toe, and it extended forward. She could see the muscles rippling on the outside of her new leg, and she loved the way Abby's skin moved against her own. For the first time in ages, she felt healthy and free.

Cassandra was a living skinsuit. She had originally been a scientist who worked for the government to help spies blend in with their surroundings, but after a failed experiment, an accident forced her body to deflate into a living piece of tissue that could wrap around a host and assimilate its very existence. Of course, the government had no idea what had happened - they assumed she was dead. But after hopping from body to body for the past fifteen years, Cassandra was far from gone. She had lived on the bodies of her victims until the time came to latch on to a new host.

"No," Abby managed to whisper. Cassandra's toned tummy arched upwards when she felt another spasm of pleasure, but that was just her mind permanently taking over Abby's body. She remained on the ground, twisting and turning in the sand while the cool waves of water washed over her. Abby's muscles beneath the skinsuit ached to move and flex, but her mind was screaming to be released. She squirmed and grunted while Cassandra felt the last of Abby's mind dissolving from her body. Cassandra smiled while she felt the wrinkles around her body fading away and matching the girl’s smooth skin. Now, her pale skin radiated with the powerful physique that caressed Abby’s fit physique, and youth had finally returned to her body.

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