Monday, August 7, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 3


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“Oh, yes,” Cassandra moaned softly. She arose and took a long, deep breath when she felt the space along her spine completely fusing together. The pulsating blood moved through her refreshed body while she ran her fingers along the hard ripples of muscle around her stolen body. The young woman’s memories were flooding her own, and when she visualized her boyfriend, Cassandra felt her body becoming engulfed with fiery desire. The sudden arousal took her by surprise, and when she saw how the girl never used her body to its fullest potential, Cassandra realized that she had an opportunity to really impress people. 

“She never deserved this body,” she said. She looked down at her new body, muscles rippling beneath a skin that was once marred with wrinkles and sags. A smile tugged at her lips as she took in her healthy appearance, the skin glowing under the caressing touch of the setting sun. “I can’t believe how muscular she was. I feel even stronger with her inside of me. She was the pinnacle of the perfect woman, but she never used it to the fullest. Such a shame for such a conservative 25-year-old...”

She flexed her arms, feeling the surge of power flowing within her. It was a potent cocktail of strength and vitality that left her intoxicated. As she moved, her muscles responded with a grace and fluidity that took her breath away. It was as if she were rediscovering herself, her body singing a song of freedom that had been silent for too long.

Absorbing Abby had filled Cassandra with an excitement that thrummed beneath her skin, making her heart race. Her reflection in Abby's abandoned cell phone was startling. She looked like herself, but better. There was a gleam in her eyes, a spark that had been absent for years. She felt beautiful, sexy, and invincible.

"I look absolutely perfect," she giggled, her laughter filling the air with a contagious joy. She struck pose after pose, capturing her transformation in Abby's phone, each picture making her happier and happier. She playfully squeezed her round ass and watched how her strength left behind pink skin. She gave the spot a hard slap and purred. “So … she likes it rough. I’m surprised – she didn’t seem like a very big slut when I looked through her memories. Maybe she just wasn’t keen on exploring herself.” The body thief licked her lips before giving her firm breasts a squeeze. “Such a shame for her, really. She never knew what she had.”

Cassandra flinched suddenly. A rush of heat ran through her head as she heard a man’s deep voice. “I don’t understand why you’re not wanting to experiment,” Abby’s boyfriend said in her head. “Fine – go ahead and fucking go for a walk. I don’t care.” Cassandra’s head was spinning, and when she looked down at the phone, she realized that going back to the beach house by the resort was her first objective.

She knew it was time to face Abby's boyfriend. “Time to show him what Abby couldn’t.” Her heart pounded with a mixture of fear and anticipation, but she pushed it down, her newfound strength steeling her resolve. With one last glance at her reflection, she tucked the phone into the pocket of Abby's shorts she'd pulled on. The house, a silhouette against the fading twilight, was a beacon, and she walked towards it. But just as she approached it, a man’s familiar voice yelled out at her, and a naughty smile stretched over her lips.

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