Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The perfect host

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22-year-old Ada was eating lunch at her Airbnb when she suddenly lost consciousness. By the time she’d woken up, she found herself standing at the center of the homeowner’s kitchen laughing to herself. Her body was unbuttoning the top of her blouse when she suddenly tried to walk. That’s when the laughing stopped. “I didn’t think you’d still be conscious,” her lips said. “Sorry, you won’t have to worry about this soon.”

“Who are you?” Ada said, her voice a faint whisper in the body thief’s head.

Ada’s body moved through the kitchen and entered an unfamiliar living room. She was on the second floor of the Airbnb where the homeowner lived. Sitting on the couch was an old man with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. It was Roger, the man who welcomed her into his home at a discounted rate. “See that body over there? It was way past its due date. I didn’t think I’d find somebody with a compatible body. The spell doesn’t work unless certain parameters are set. But after a thousand Airbnb guests, I finally found one.”

“Roger, what are y-“

He reached up and gently squeezed his breasts. “YOU were the one. I wasn’t planning on becoming a woman, but I could really get used to this. Of course … you talking to me isn’t something I want ruining the experience. You probably feel it though, right? You’re slowly losing control. Soon, you’ll be absorbed inside of me. That’s when I’ll really enjoy myself.”

Ada tried to fight for control again, but she realized that she’d waited too long. Her strength was gone, and Roger was about to make himself right at home in her young body.

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