Sunday, November 27, 2022

M2F Audio Captions: Volume 1

30+ minutes based on the following captions:
1) This isn't easy
2) Trapped as my teacher
3) Our Teacher's Hot Husband
4) Traveler in heat
5) Pretty and Broke
6) My successful experiment
7) Are you serious
8) Transforming my boyfriend
9) Taking My Job
10) My girlfriend's body
11) An experienced escort
12) My friend's betrayal
13) Wearing My Soul
14) Controlling my roommate
15) His Friend's Girlfriend
16) Friendly Game
17) My Caregiver - Part 1
18) My Caregiver - Part 2
19) The Body Possession Remote
20) Borrowing My Body

I decided to try something a little new. I'll likely release these in batches of 20 every once in a while. I believe Deviant Art lets me post videos in 11-12 minute batches, so I'll probably use them in the future. I wasn't too happy with how the Blogger video upload worked so I'll just split these 20-story audio captions onto Deviantart.

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