Saturday, November 12, 2022

It wasn't supposed to be like this


“You’re never this frisky,” Joe said with a husky voice.

“I can’t help it,” Eustace insisted. “I’m so fucking horny right now.”

It was crazy, especially since her old body wasn’t like this. Despite being only 34-years-old, her libido wasn’t this insane. Now, everything felt so right as Eustace felt kisses against the side of her neck. After using her witch friend’s spell book to possess Candace’s body, she didn’t hesitate to seduce Joe, her lifelong crush. But he never liked Eustace the way he liked Candace. She did her best to keep herself open to him, but he was always faithful to his wife.

And now she was the one in control of her former best friend’s body. “You have to let him finish inside of you,” Jordie’s voice echoed in her mind. “That’s the only way you’ll be able to absorb her soul and memories.”

Motivation flooded through Eustace as she made love in her new body. When Joe pulled at her delicate legs, the side of his veiny cock brushed up against her inner folds before he violently grabbed hold of her waist. She let out a startled gasp. He began lifting her into the air, and she could see his arms flexing beautifully. Together, they occupied the space above the sheets and lost themselves in their blind kisses.

Before he finally found her honeypot, their eyes became locked. Eustace screamed as soon as he felt her gaping lips encircling his dick. And when she sank down, she screamed in delight. Her folds loudly swallowed him whole.  He brutally swung his cock into her as she locked her arms and legs around his back to help keep her against him. Joe gave one last grunt as he flooded her new body. She closed her eyes, and beautiful memories began to surge through her mind while Joe permanently sealed her in her new body.

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